What Would Happen If You Drive Off With the Gas Pump Nozzle?

Relax, said Matt Soniak of mental_floss, the engineers have actually thought of this possibility and designed the gas pump accordingly:

Rest assured that you won’t be causing any fireballs or explosions. The hose that attaches the nozzle to the gas pump is designed to break into two pieces when a certain amount of force is applied to it. Next time you’re at the gas station, check the hose for a metal coupling. That’s the break-away point. Once the hose is broken and you’re off on your merry way, check valves in the hose keep fuel from leaking out and creating a hazard.

The financial hazards, however, may still sting you at the wallet: Link

I once got gas (in New Jersey - where attendants pump your gas) and the guy was like "OK, you're done. Have a nice day!" I started to drive off... and the pump came with me. The attendant was furious at me, but I made it clear to him because of his signoff that it was his fault. Idiot!
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It was in the early 90's. The gas station was pretty old so that may have been why there was so much gas that got leaked, spilled, whatever you wanna call it.
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I did this twice in the same year of 1998 and drove only about 10 feet away both times. Nearly no fuel was spilled and the person at one of the places was VERY nice about it. She said that it happens every 9 months or so and that they are so used to it they have the repair guy on their speed dial list. She even showed me the other gas handles that people had mangled worse around back to make me feel better. I thought i was going to go to jail.

Must have been a while ago that LisaL's ma owned the station.
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My mom used to own a gas station.
An idiot drove off with the nozzle and got gas everywhere but most in the road by the gas station. Couple of fire trucks along w/ DHEC had to come out to clean it all up :\
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I worked a short while at a gas station many years ago, and this guy drove away with the pump nozzle still in his tank--twice! He later became the Chief of Police.

true story.
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