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Ashton Kutcher to Play Steve Jobs

Ashton Kutcher has reportedly been cast as the star of a planned independent film biography of Steve Jobs. The reaction from Apple fans has been mixed. You have to admit there is a strong resemblance, and an actors' personality doesn't have to match their role if they are good at what they do. What do you think? Link

Can Kutcher play that big of an asshole? Although Kutcher might be a dick, playing a dilutional megalomaniac sociopathic asshole is a big step up.

Not sure he's a good enough actor.

...although I hear he takes credit for the work of others and is a master of hype sans reality.. so maybe there's hope?
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I think Noah Wyle should play Jobs again.....didn't anyone ever see Pirates of Silicon Valley?

Anthony Michael Hall did an awesome job as Bill Gates....

mmmm, just food for thought :)
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Whoah whoah, rewind a sec. Somebody who has access to the internet was still watching 2 1/2 men by the time Charlie Sheen left? What the hell is wrong with you?
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Good casting. Kutcher will do a good job portraying Steve Jobs with his brand of self-aggrandizing pseudo-spiritual corporate philosophy.
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I wouldn't have thought so, and I probably won't watch the movie because I don't care enough about Jobs to sit through an Ashton Kutcher movie, but looking at those pictures side by side, it's really an uncanny resemblance.
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I agree with Torkel. Kutcher just doesn't fit the roll at all and, even if he did, he is a terrible actor in any case. He is a death sentence for anything associated with him.
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Nooooooooooooooooooo! I even gave up watching Two 1/2 Men (which once was one of my favorite shows) because of him. Please don't let him get anywhere near Steve Jobs. If they should actually make this movie, don't go see it.
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