Soldier Tug of War: Canada vs USA

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Master Corporal John Celestino of the 31 Canadian Brigade Group, training at Camp Atterbury in Indiana, wanted to try the training exercise against a US National Guard soldier. Who will win? Watch and see! For those outside North America, the Canadians are wearing the brighter green. -via reddit

@myrasam79, the Canadian is from the Windsor Regiment, he isn't full-time either... The American should have had more traction too, he's loaded down with more weight. Tires him out faster but the Canadian also has to pull his heavy a$$.
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Teacher, Julie stole my thought! But, seriously, can you picture 50,000 on each side meeting out in the middle of nowhere? I want Ted Koppel interviewing a head of state that says "With regards to Iran, we have to keep all tethering and harness options on the table... but, we are open to negotiations... there's just talk that they've been doing bungie Ring Around The Rosie exercises in the desert... and we weren't invited" "Ted Koppel here, reporting on the situation with Iran. But, what I can make of it is it looks like this could go to the ropes, and harnesses. - - We have a caller on the air, Deborah from Duluth, Minnesota you're on the air..." Caller Debby: "I remember my grandson Carl was in the 3rd Tug in Iraq, ooooh there was some dirty knees in that one! Anyway, I'm trying to remember, sir, are Oreos Halal?"
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