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Architect Proposes Building 30-Story Skyscraper Out Of Wood

The seemingly radical idea of building a skyscraper out of wood is not so strange after all, as architect Michael Green is quick to point out, because of two main advantages wood has over concrete and steel-it's eco-friendly and cost effective. Here's more on Vancouver's Tallwood project:
‘Tallwood’ would be made of large panels of ‘laminated strand lumber’—a composite made by gluing together strands of wood.

Trees are a renewable resource, and they help to reduce air pollution. Sourcing from sustainably-managed forests could be deemed more environmentally sensitive, according to CNN.

Unlike concrete—which produces about 6-9kg of carbon dioxide for every 10kg of concrete—wood sucks carbon out of the atmosphere.

And contrary to popular belief, wood actually is quite fire-resistant.

“It may sound counter-intuitive, but performing well in a fire is something inherent in large pieces of wood, that’s why in forest fires the trees that survive are the largest ones,” Green said.

I don't know why, but the preliminary photos of this project remind me of the tabletop game Jenga...


@gr: If it's thick enough, wood will form a skin of charcoal on the outside and resist heat much in the way the tiles on the Space Shuttle do.

-Even up to very high temps.

By contrast, in buildings with steel, it just gets hot, warps and buckles. Iirc, there have even been a few where it got hot enough to partially melt some of the steel.

-Cousin of state licensed fire-inspector, who is a graduate of many courses and friend of several firefighters.

+Oh, and don't buy a house where the roof is made of trusses, no matter what they say, the nail-plates heat up, pop off, and the roof just caves in.
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Elly, you beat me to it. This building, as drawn, cannot be built. it would be fun to watch as its fireproof capabilities are demonstrated in an awesome conflagration, or to watch as it does the jenga dance to the ground, but it cannot and will not be built.
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"And contrary to popular belief, wood actually is quite fire-resistant." really. that's why we all burn concrete and rebar in our fireplaces.
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