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No, That's Not A Birdbath!

Unfortunately, there's no video of this, but this series of pictures showing a bird dousing itself in a chocolate fountain is almost as good. If you know where this picture comes from, let me know so I can add proper credits.

Via BuzzFeed

I don't think "PK" read any of the comments above. It's FAKE, PK.

And JAXX...same thing for you. Someone already posted that link earlier. This is the same ignorance that lead to the chocolate bird being percieved as real. No one reads anymore.
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Too bad chocolate is poisonous (often fatally) for most parrot species. This would be a lot funnier if it wasn't likely that a cockatoo eating that much chocolate would endure horrible vomiting and diarrhea before succumbing to seizures and then death. Kind of like a "funny" video of someone feeding rat-poison-soaked hamburgers to a pug dog.
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"Wow, this has been going around for days and you didn’t know it was from a movie? It’s all faked."

it's actually been around for quite a bit longer than a few days.
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Birds aren't mammals, but yes, it's toxic to birds. The exact levels are a bit iffy, but certainly a chocolate fountain would be more than enough.

That said, I fucking love this. Just for the simple fact that it took so long for people to figure out it was fake, because practically NO ONE saw that shitty movie.
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This sequence of photos from the Adam Sandler movie caused quite a stir on tumblr. You can read about it here.


Also, chocolate IS toxic to birds. Its toxic to most mammals. Of course it depends on the size of the bird. But even a small amount could kill them.
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"Wow, this has been going around for days and you didn’t know it was from a movie"

pass: nobody watches sandler movies anymore...

carry on
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@Ratz: You are referring to theobromine poisoning in dogs, who (just like cats) have a relatively low tolerance, 300 and 200 mg per kg body mass respectively. Whereas humans have a much higher tolerance at about 1000 mg per kg body mass. Toxicity for birds however is unknown.

But yes, it's a CGI bird in this case...
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