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Why Ladies Love Angry Men

Men like it when women let them know that they're happy. That much is not surprising, but what is remarkable is that the reverse is actually not true.

According to research by psychologist Shiri Cohen at Massachusetts General Hospital, women like it best when men share their anger and frustration:

"The women tend to want to engage around conflict," she told Shots. "They're deriving more satisfaction when they see that their partner is upset."

Evidently we women see a man's willingness to share negative feelings as a sign that he's invested in the relationship. Cohen says: "That's telling her something about his availability to engage in the conflict."

Men feel exactly the opposite about those moments of conflict: They see it as a threat to the relationship. Instead, Cohen says, "They do derive satisfaction when their girlfriends or wives are happy."

Nancy Shute of NPR's health blog Shots has the story: Link

Must be another "study" done by Yahoo writers.

yes, there are women that like to irritate men and rile them on. There are women that like it when men are assholes and are abusive. There are women that want to string a man around like a puppy til he leaves. And they are the ones that are sitting in their apartments lonely, griping about how "all men are assholes"

On a behalf of NON-psychotic bi-polar women out there-I don't like conflicting with my boyfriend, and I do like to see him happy, and I do like a spicy relationship, but not because I piss him off and he becomes frustrated.
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Not suggesting a cause here; but women may feel threatened by man's assertiveness and demand for rational answers. Women often cannot give rational answers for their behavior (at least none that don't appeal to biology). She may feel threatened by a man who "has it together". Whereas the man who is upset, and acting irrational himself reassures the woman that her brand of love and compassion is just. Especially since she can't truly reflect on it for herself, man's questions raise just as many uncertainties in the mind of woman, but woman is able to have faith in her own capacity to love, whereas man is likely to question that he is able to love at all. Seeing man upset reassures woman that she already has all the answers and the man's intellectual pursuits are entirely in vain. She can then extend her "loving" arms to the man and re-assure him that he can partake of her love (as long as he plays according to her rules), otherwise he may be deemed "unloving" and worse "unlovable". I guess I tend to see it all as mechanisms of control.
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i must be the manliest girl ever. I do like conflict sometimes to keep it spicy but not actual anger. I get super annoyed when we have to have 'talks' or he storms around like a child.
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Instead, Cohen says, "They do derive satisfaction when their girlfriends or wives are happy."

As the saying goes, if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.
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