Even The Trash Cans Are Getting A Makeover For The 2012 Olympics

The future of waste receptacle technology is here, and it has an LCD screen that can tell you how your stocks are doing today, how long it will take you to get home on public transit, and what the weather looks like for tomorrow.

It's bombproof, offers a free Wi-FiĀ  connection, and it appears that the only thing that hasn't improved is how it handles waste.

One hundred of these computerized trash bins are going to be placed in London's financial district before the 2012 Olympic Games begin in July, so if you're heading to London this summer you can stop by and say hi, then you'll have a great story to tell your grandchildren!


Nobody but the politicians wanted the olympics in the first place. It's bad enough that they whole country is paying for the games when they are being kept ring fenced to the London area. What makes it worse is the amount of money being spent on upgrading all sorts of things in London, road networks, public transport, comms, etc. But this is really taking the piss. Spending thousands of pounds on a stupid, pointless gimick that will be vandalized before the games even start? And not even in the games area. Well done London.
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Well, I'm glad to know they're spending all the money they've saved on cutting my pay wisely. At least I have the insultingly patronising and expensive spectacle of the jubilee to look forward to.
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Way back in the day during my time spent in the UK, the lack of trash cans in public places due to IRA bomb attacks could be a real pain. If they're able to make them bombproof now, good on them.
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For the right price, you should be able to make one of these at home. Just take your normal everyday bombproof wastebasket and glue an iPad to it.
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