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Rapid Fire Archery

(Video Link)

Legolas is alive, and he's a Russian woman named Iza Privezenceva. Watch her send arrows downrange about once a second and, as you can see at the end of the video, hitting her target most of the time.

-via Blame It on the Voices

There's a written in the 1300's explaininung people use to shoot 3 arrows in 1.5 seconds which will have arrows istananeoulsy in the air at the same time. This was an requirement to be an archer though I only heard of 2 people accomplishing this these days since dainel boon
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Bare chested? No, I'm pretty sure they'd break the skin and be no fun. With a plywood shield, a decent helm, and maybe simple cloth armor on my legs? Sure.

I realized part of why she's so fast. You can't shoot that way with the traditional English 3 finger release. The way she releases with the back of her hand towards her face (instead of the palm) means she has a much easier time putting the arrow on the string without shifting her hand. Cuts out a lot of wasted motion. Neat.
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Looks like a lot of men here feel threatened by a strong, capable woman.

On the other hand, it's pretty sad that women are still forced to gain acceptance by learning the same senseless, brutal, destructive behaviors that white men are too stupid and violent not to enjoy. Using a weapon is not a skill. Violence is the opposite of skill. She would be a much more formidable adversary, and much more worthy of our admiration, if she instead mastered the kind of conflict resolution skills which have been proven to prevent violence entirely.

This just proves that white men still run the world and brutalize everybody in their path. This woman-identified being deserves your compassion and help, not your encouragement of her brutalization.
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I'm sure all of you would volunteer to stand there and be a target then, if you're so sure those arrows would not do any damage?

And yes, she is very hot.
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Her draw and nock technique is good, but I can't see how she's anchoring her release hand. Which means that once the range creeps up, she's not going to have accuracy shooting like that. Although that might be the point of this exercise: how fast can she draw, nock, and loose. She could obviously change her release technique for longer but slower shots.
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Fun, but not terribly remarkable. She does seem to be putting the arrows on target, but it's hard to say if that is a bullseye, or just hitting in the vicinity of the target. I would guess the latter.

The most impressive thing is how she manages to grab arrows out of the quiver behind her head, working by touch, and then nock them on the first try. After that, she doesn't even seem to be aiming all that much, nor is she extending her bow arm fully to get power and repeatability. So she's probably not terribly accurate. She also seems to be using a 20 pound bow, which makes it easy to fire, but range would be fairly short, and forget about using it as a weapon.

It does look like fun, though!
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A proficient english longbow yeoman was able to fire at a rate of about 12 arrows a minute. Each arrow aimed up to a distance of about 200 yards. Also of note is that the draw weight of english longbows ranged between 100 and 185 lbs. I doubt that these arrows would even penetrate simple cloth armor. She is also quite close to her target, so it's not surprising that she's hitting it repeatedly
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well i would want to be on the receiving end of those. The chinese had magazine fed crosbows, they dint hit hard, but a lot, and the lack off punch was easly solved with poison.
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if my hitting her target most of the time you mean she hits the middle blanket.

There is absolutley no power there. She is ten feet away and if she fired at traditional target every single arrow would bounce off without penetrating.
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Except medieval battle archers were pulling about 50 pounds more weight. Her bow can't have more than 25 pounds of pull on it.
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