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Woven Paracord Bracelet Contains Hidden Handcuff Key

Kevin Mitnick, a computer security consultant and convicted hacker, worries that he might be kidnapped while traveling through more dangerous parts of Latin America. So he casually wears a bracelet of woven paracord. Hidden in the clasp is a key designed to open most handcuff designs.

Link -via Say Uncle | Photo: James Martin/CNET

Depends on who he is worried about kidnapping him. If it's a worry about being snatched by random thugs who are looking to grab just about anyone who looks like they're worth a ransom, then it is highly unlikely that they'll ever see the postings about his hidden key. On the other hand, if it's someone who wants to grab him for revenge or to press him into their service, then they're probably collection as much data about him as possible and this was a really stupid bit of information to reveal. Of course as others have stated, it could be a bit of misdirection.

As a personal aside, Kevin had the same computer science teacher at Pierce College that I did. Too bad I didn't know that at the time, I would have loved to have asked her about his antics while at the school.
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Sounds to me a lot like the sort of thing that could easily cause a kidnapping to become an "accidentally killed while trying to escape".
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Fight until you can't fight anymore. And then fight some more. Just sitting there getting kidnapped in Latin America is a great way to get yourself, well... killed.
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He could always try to AVOID travelling through the most dangerous parts of Latin America. Once you've removed the handcuffs you are still in a dangerous area AND you have angry people actively looking for you.
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A more obvious explanation about why he's telling his life : he's gonna sell 15$ bracelets that open nothing to every geek that will go to south america.
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Seems to me... Aside from being stupid for announcing he wears it.... It is crazy dangerous for law enforcement! Seriously. If a motivated and dangerous criminal had this and it actually worked, that poor cop would be in danger. I know most people will think I'm overreacting but I'm married to a cop. It is dangerous enough out there.
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