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Canada's New Plastic Currency

YouTube link.

The Bank of Canada will begin issuing new, plastic, $100 bills.

In a statement, the Bank of Canada said that the new notes will last twice as long as paper money and will also be recycled, which makes them generally greener... There are also two transparent windows on the note -- one small one depicts a frosted maple leaf, the other extends the height of the bill, and has a copy of the portrait toward the top of the window, and an image of a building at the bottom. If you move the bill the colors of the building will change a lot, while the color changes on the portrait are more subtle.

The video highlights the relevant features , which were all created in an attempt to make the bills impossible to counterfeit.  The degree to which they will be foldable, stackable, washable etc. remains to be determined.


Definitely washable - Instead of taking a wallet to the beach in Australia, I just shove some notes in the pocket of my boardshorts - notes survive hours in the sea just fine.
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Australia has had these polymer notes for many years now since 1988, in fact. So I think we have tested them pretty well in that time Another good feature besides security is that they are pretty hard to tear and as Efinn said definitely washable.
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Mexico has had these for their newest peso notes. They are pretty resilient, but can tear, as a friend of mine experienced in pulling one out of her snug jeans pocket. But thanks to their being plastic, they are a bit tougher to write on, to get grimy, and to fold. (They feel a bit like a single layer of a zip-top food storage bag) People do have to be a bit more careful, since they can be slipped out of wallets and pockets and such much more easily and unnoticeably than paper money.
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I got one today! It's actually really pretty. Thanks for posting this too. I wasn't sure about the new safety features so this definitely helps! :o)
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I prefer our paper money and question the polymers ingredients: are they made using their highly injurious tar sands? They say they are "greener" because they can be recycled even though paper is also recycled.
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> I prefer our paper money and question the polymers ingredients: are they made using their highly injurious tar sands?

Yes, indeed they are, combined with the oil made from crushing adorable harp seals and the tears from baby polar bears.
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No thanks, there are enough coins in Canada already. We would need to club more harp seals to make bigger wallets if they came out with a $5 coin.

Seriously though I am excited to use the new money I think it looks great.
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Before we hear any more snarky comments about the oil sands, I believe that oil goes to the USA to be processed.

In a funny reversal, our credit cards are going to be made out of paper now.
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