The Grand Wizards of Elementary School

How the KKK helped get children out of the factories and into the classroom.

Members of the Ku Klux Klan liked to think of themselves as white knights. And when it came to compulsory education for schoolchildren, believeĀ  it or not, they actually were. To understand how this bizarre heroism came to pass, you have to go back to the 1820s, when about half the laborers in America's cotton mils were children under the age of 15. Adults had a serious hankering to get those kids out of the workforce -not because they were concerned for their well-being but because adults resented the competition. After all, employers could get away with paying children much lower wages, and the little ones had energy to burn. Mary Kenney O'Sullivan, vice president of the National Women's Trade Union League, put the situation bluntly: "Wherever child labor prevails there is a corresponding decrease in employment for adults."

In fact, getting rid of the kids was one of the first causes to unite the American label movement. When labor leaders realized they couldn't just turn youngsters out in the streets to fend for themselves, they proposed a one-two punch of ending child labor laws and requiring school. Massachusetts was the first state to pass a compulsory education law. In 1837, its state legislature barred factory owners from hiring anyone under age 15 who hadn't attended public school for at least three months during the previous year. The law was ignored, and factory owners kept hiring kids anyway. Five years later, Massachusetts passed a second law, which went after factories more directly, limiting the amount of time children could work. When this law was ignored as well, the state made education compulsory in 1852.

By 1884, 16 states had instituted laws that forced children to go to school. Business owners, enamored with their short, low cost labor pool, denounced the status as "communist" and "un-American." But the percentage of children in the workforce in cotton mills fell nonetheless; by 1890 it was just 10 percent. And not coincidentally, adult workers were awarded higher wages and better working conditions over the same period. From 1840 to 1880, average wages rose as much as 150 percent, while at the same time, the average workday fell from 13-14 hours to 10-11 hours.

At the turn of the century, labor unions lobbied for compulsory education nationwide, and they soon found an unexpected ally. The Ku Klux Klan supported the idea of public schools as a way of forcing immigrants to conform to white, Protestant culture. By 1918, labor unions had succeeded in getting compulsory education laws passed in every state. Two years later, a Catholic organization in Oregon demanded that the laws be amended to include private schools. The KKK took a more outspoken stance, and its membership grew quickly in support of the public school system.

But the fight wasn't over -just because more kids were forced to go to school didn't mean that they couldn't work in factories. After all, there were always nights, weekends, and summer vacations, right? In 1923, a Klan newspaper warned that big business wanted to keep child labor legal to "secure a cheaper class of labor and hold the price paid to the American citizen down to a minimum at all times." The Klan was nearing the apex of its size and clout, with more than 3 million members. Since a good portion of its ranks were poor whites, the Klan was more sympathetic to this group's economic interests. It went on a full-throttle campaign to get kids out of the factories for good.

Around the same time that the national KKK began strongly advocating for a federal ban on child labor, a rift opened up between the Northern Klansmen and Southern industrialists. In the ensuing public relations battle, the industrialists tried to win points with Southern voters by portraying the debate over child labor as another fight against the Yankees. But the pull of the KKK was too great, and the Klan won a victory for children nationwide -well, white children. Southern business leaders agreed to child labor laws, but only as long as the adult minimum wage remained low and African-American children were prohibited from attending white public schools. In 1938, the Fair Labor Standard Act officially ended child labor, but it didn't do much to help black kids living under Jim Crow. The result: White children across the country were guaranteed an education at the expense of black children in the South.


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It's only "bizarre" when seen through the magnificent lens of Jewish academic, entertainment and news media domination set in motion well before the 1920s. The tactics the pertinent Jewish owners, editors, content directors, authors, script writers, etc., used then as now are mostly quite crude accommodations of the simplicity of the masses.

Much like their 1990s and 2000s simplistic demonization of Saddam Hussein and Iraq as they beat the war drums to remove the Iraqi threat to Israeli regional military hegemony while their 5th column in the leadership of the ostensibly antiwar "left" broadcasted a distracting and self-evidently false canard about a war for "oil," they spent the time between the 1920s and now etching images of KKK lynchings into the public mind with the glaring omission of the gruesome rape/murder facts preceding each and every case, and meanwhile producing film after book after television program, ad infinitum, from which the average global citizen could only surmise that no black man has ever been convicted of a rape or murder without being framed to cover for the true (white, of course) perpetrator.

Other omissions include the more subtle but presumably "bizarre" factoids surrounding a fraternal organization (hence the costumes, as with Shriners, Flintstones' Water Buffalos, etc.) of 3,000,000 non-sinister lower and middle class Americans that drastically contradict the Jewish image painted of it, most significantly that the Ku Klux Klan did not hate Blacks, that its earliest inception was not established to terrorize simple blacks but rather for the desperate guerilla-enforcement of fairness in an enemy-occupied south where some blacks allied themselves with northern "carpetbagger" criminal elements as puppet politicians in corrupt schemes of finance, vice, prostitution, massive theft, tax fraud, etc.

Jewish media depictions especially omit any mention of the huge public service efforts of the Klan on the 1920s, aimed at helping not only white Americans but also American Indians (nobody is "native") and, yes, blacks. This KKK was a fanatical constitutionalist fraternity that made relentless outreach efforts to black communities, even dressing up as Santa Claus to distribute toys in black neighborhoods, and even selecting a BLACK KLAN LEADER for one of its largest chapters in the state of Oregon.

Dually relevant to the omni-relevant fact of utter Jewish media domination is the enormously innovative and inventive film The Birth of a Nation, the first true cinematographic epic. This film is the phenomenon that inspired the massive 1920s rebirth of the Klan to such effect that the American "goyim" were nearly unified into a collective force sufficient to head off the disastrous Jewish rule we've seen since, and which has cost countless millions of lives. "The Tribe" took immediate notice, and set about gobbling up every remaining motion picture outlet (apart from Disney's, that would have to wait) which it retains a stranglehold on to this day. Telling though, in a way that reflects on the "bizarre" facts mentioned in the above article and by me, is that The Birth of a Nation depicts the Klan as the defenders of blacks also victimized by the rampant corruption of the post-civil war south. Should it be such a surprise that 1920s Klansmen weren't the satanic devourers of African baby flesh they've been relentlessly depicted as?

One worthwhile caveat:

The post-WWII "KKK" is whatever each of its myriad founders wanted it to be. The public domain term is not owned by anyone, and so nothing is to stop the crudest white ex-con, who stopped worshiping black athletes or entertainers while suffering at the hands of racist blacks in prison, from forming his own "KKK" and drunkenly mimicking the atrocities Hollywood films and television shows would have us believe evil whites are out committing every day. Thus the straw-man has a self-perpetuating effect. Things tend to work out pretty conveniently for God's Chosen People. Almost makes ya wonder.
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@nc, I would ask why the Jews did't use their "magnificent lens of Jewish academic, entertainment and news media domination set in motion well before the 1920s" to arouse more American sympathy and action during the Holocaust, however I would not at all be surprised if you're a Holocause denier.
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The only thing I wonder about is does anybody actually read those enormously long comments? I think Ryan S has some competition.

Seriously, though, let me try and at least skim through that... okay, that was certainly interesting.

So, in a nutshell (no pun intended), The Jews are responsible for the KKK's bad image, and they pretty much control the media. Not to mention that some misguided white guys in jail, as a result of being treated poorly by racist blacks, are really dragging the whole KKK through the mud. That was truly admirable. So many different ways to phrase your intolerance. I'm surprised you didn't manage to work the gays in there, though. Keep trying.
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I can't believe that Neatorama would ever post something that defended the actions of the KKK. The KKK was a group that was based on hate. Even if they made laws that could be considered 'forward thinking' their entire mission was backwards.

This article is offensive. Until now, I've expected nothing but forward thinking and innovative inspiration from this blog.

You've taken yourselves to shallow the levels of Gawker.
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Yeah, melanie. It's like saying that Nazi Germany pulled Germany out of the Great Depression. Sure, it launched a massive war with millions of casualties, bizarre medical experimentation, a yet-to-be-rivaled systematized program of eugenics and genocide, and eventually culminating in the creation of the atomic bomb. uh... sorry, lost track...

We just can't look at our world in black and white; sometimes misguided people can do both evil and good.
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