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"Heroin for Sale" Sign Raises Suspicions

You know there's a problem in your neighborhood when drug dealers are brazen enough to post signs saying "heroin for sale" -with an address! That's just what happened in north Portland, Oregon, last week. Portland police served a warrant on the address on Tuesday.
Officers who raided the home found a small meth lab, 19 grams of marijuana, 10 grams of heroin, 190 pills and $4,143 in cash, police say. They also seized a shotgun.

Police began looking into the home more than a year ago because of numerous neighborhood complaints. At one point, an unidentified neighbor gave police the "Heroin for sale" flier, which also had the address and names of the suspected drug dealers.

In addition, there were a number of public safety meetings where neighbors complained about the drug problem in their neighborhood, and they asked for something to be done, police say.

Six adults were arrested. There was also a teenager in the home at the time of the raid. Arbroath

Aww, just look at the photos of those drug dealers! They certainly look like a wacky ragtag bunch that would make for an interesting TV series.
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Where does it say the signs were posted anywhere? Or that the dealers themselves made them? The report you're linking to only says that the one sign was sent to the police by someone anonymous, and offers no suggestions as to where it came from. The implication was that it was made by the informant for its shock value, which is consistent with the frustration of "WE all know this is a drug house, how can the police NOT know?"

You know, neighbors not being bound by due process, chain of evidence, and all that trivia.
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>> Aww, just look at the photos of those drug dealers! They certainly look like a wacky ragtag bunch that would make for an interesting TV series.

Check out the TV series Weeds. :)
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Huh. I think we do lawn care for that house, actually. (It's a rental.) If so, I can't say anything except that it's a very cute neighborhood, but there were these crazy neighbors constantly complaining about people in that house. Which does make me share dtaylor404's suspicions a bit, I must say.
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Who cares if it was a frame-up. The neighbors have the right to expect to live life without the threat of constant illegal activity next door. And, if it had just been a "frame-up" as you call it, looks like they did a bang up job getting all that illegal contraband in the house without being caught.
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