Norway's Famous Albino Moose Shot Dead

Remember the albino moose that wandered the forest of Østfold, Norway? You know, the one whom the Norwegian hunters debate whether to shoot?

Well, that debate is moot thanks to a Danish hunter, who had few regrets about shooting him:

Frost, who had arrived for hunting in Norway on Monday, told Danish website that he’d heard about a protected moose a few years ago but nothing recently. “So when I get it in my corner, I have just a few seconds to think about what I should do,” he told “But I decided to shoot the moose and it’s a decision I stand by.”

He quickly realized he hadn’t shot “just any moose, and when we gathered around it, someone said there would probably be press coverage.” He repeated that he “stands by” his decision to kill the moose, “although I would gladly be without all the noise that’s come afterwards.” He said he was “a bit amazed” that the shooting sparked so much reaction.

Link (Photo: NRK)

He stands by his decision. It was dangerous, a threat to the nation, to innocent people and to the idea of freedom. It had to be eliminated....and we suspect it was harboring terrorists, concealing WMD and was a key member of Al Qaida, Al Bundy, Al Pacino and Al Capone, a founding member of the Axis of Evil.
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Gosh, I guess assholes who shoot things aren't restricted to the colonies. If he had even an iota of thought or compassion.. "dunno what that is, might be rare, best leave it alone and wait for the next one."
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So Moose are rare and need to be protected now?

It's a freak of nature color-wise (i.e. it hit the genetic jackpot getting both recessive alleles), but it's still just a Moose.

If Norway (the government) wanted to protect it, it could - since it didn't - get over it already.
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Woop-dee-fucking-doo, it's WHITE instead of BROWN.
It's not like albinos are some miracle of nature that we should be in awe of their beauty.
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I pity the people not knowing what the difference is in shooting a brown moose from a white moose. It shows their IQ is just mildly above room temperature, alas there are more and more of such people on the planet. One day the world is going to run out of short busses for them...

Poor world.
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Pass a flyer out with every Moose hunting license saying that all albino Moose are protected (under the namby-pamby law of 2011) and the penalty for shooting it is 50,000 kroners and permanent banning from any future hunting license in Norway.
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Anytime you find yourself making a decision to fire or not fire a weapon and are limited to "just a few seconds" it is probably a good idea to not shoot.
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"He said he was 'a bit amazed' that the shooting sparked so much reaction."

So dumb and he is carrying a rifle? Where does he think he is? Wassalia, Alaska?
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Can't kill the white moose but can kill the darkie moose? RACISTS!!!

In Trinity Bellwoods Park Toronto theirs an albino squirrel that has cult like status. Its even been in commercials and the news. People say have you seen the white squirrel. I say who cares, I grew up in a neighborhood in Kingston On that had three albino squirrels. I say to these people would feel less angry at the albino tree rat than the dark coloured one if he chewed a hole in your roof that cost you a few thousand dollars to fix.

I think albino animals should go on the list of
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Is it somehow a taboo nowoadays to be against hunting? Why does every third comment start with "I'm not against hunting or anything, but..."? Are hunters under some kind of a political correctness protection?

I'm not some kind of crazy animals rights activist or anything but I hope every fool who has nothing better to do with his time and money then to go to the forest and snipe some unsuspecting deer shoots himself in both foots. and gets defecated on by bunnies and foxes while he lays there for a day. It's not that you couldn't buy meat at the market...
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Dammit, it's people like that dude who probably endangered several animals in the past, or probably caused their extinction.

While an "albino" anything is not a seperate species and may not be that rare, it is just the notion of killing something special (or going against the norm) that probably had this man pull the trigger.

And for what? Will the white moose taste better than the brown moose? Probably not, but it caused a different reaction in people when compared to normal moose and that in itself is worth protecting.

What a dumb person that hunter is. Even tho I hate superstition, I wish it were around sometimes, especially if it protected animals from unnecessary slaughter/torture.
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@bradbury - I have nothing against killing animals for food, but killing them for sports seems like a big waste.

Plus it's unfair for the animal as they don't have guns. Suppose we even up the odds a bit and have the hunter armed only with a knife.
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@bradbury. You may not know this, but in Scandinavia moose hunting is not only a personal hobby and a way to fill the freezer with meat, but also a necessary service for the society. You see, the natural predators of moose, wolves and bears, have been pretty much eradicated from the area over the centuries, and now people are the only thing controlling the moose population. Moose eat tree saplings and kill people on the road, the more there are, the bigger the damage. The moose population is counted in hundreds of thousands.
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What is wrong with people?
A white moose or elk as we call it is so rare and there are so few of them that they should not be protected?

This is not a freak of nature and they should be left alone so that people can take pictures of them. And that is the only way that they should be shot. With a camera.
I have never seen a white moose and i have heard that there are two in the whole of Norway. Now there is only one left. How sad!
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