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10 Impressive Ghost Photos & Recordings

I know a lot of people don't believe in ghosts, but for those who do believe (or are undecided about their existence), this great Oddee article features 10 ghost pictures and recordings that are certain to be accepted by the believers and debated by the skeptics. What do you guys think? Are ghosts fact or fiction?


I wouldn't go so far as to say that they're fiction for certain, but there's certainly not evidence to suggest that they're fact.

As far as the authenticity of the photographs, people believed for 60 years that the Cottingley fairies were real until the photographs were eventually exposed as a hoax perpetrated by a 16 year old and a 10 year old. Just saying.
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"Renowned Sylvia Browne"? That would be the Sylvia Browne that told the parents of Shawn Hornbeck that he was dead, and he wasn't. BTW, I've seen skeptics recreate the "figure moving in the car park". Put a window pane in front of the camera. Dangle a doll on a string behind the camera, and record the reflection.
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Big claims require big evidence. And having a critical mind, with a healthy dose of skepticism, doesn't mean you are closed minded and not open to new discoveries. It means you aren't a sucker. UFOs to some, angels to others.

I suppose it's comforting to believe in ghosts, because it means we still exist, however epehemarily, after we do.
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Ditto on the Sylvia Browne thing. Anything with her is just another way for her to scam people out of money.

I do believe in ghosts. I'm not one who blindly believes in everything though.

I absolutely love that Ghost Hunters episode in the Mnt Washington Hotel. The EVP they caught was just incredible.
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That princess voice from ghost hunters was so repetitive almost exactly like a voice sampled on a device and it seemed like it was triggered by audio in the room. Just very very computer sample quality to it. So I say it's just too suspicious. Having worked at the History channel too and being directed to make crap up and lie to scare audiences on various other shows.... I dunno. Not very confidence inspiring. So I say it's a deliberate hoax and the crew knew it.
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Heard Brian Cox on the radio the other day. He said that for him, the problem with ghosts is that they violate the laws of thermodynamics. Without a source of energy, how can they continue to exist?

Personally, I prefer to just think of them as silly.
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Also, cameras are only able to capture visible light, so it doesn't make sense that we would only be able to see obvious ghostly images upon developing the film (most of these are from film cameras).
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Not one of these is even close to the definition of proof.

That prison one was hilarious. He even manages to move that bit of hanging cloth to the left as he runs up to the camera covered in a black sheet.

All the images are overexposures or double negatives.

The recordings are easily faked.

The car lot one was classic. I cannot believe anyone thought that was actually a real ghost.

Technology at the moment means ghosts will never be proven as it is just far too easy to fake them.
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This is a useless debate; notice it has more participants than most debates. People like to argue about stuff like this; stuff that doesn't matter and can't be confirmed either way. It allows everyone to feel like they are right and no one feel like an idiot.

That's why all the important matters are ignored and we go around in circles arguing about UFOs, ghosts, and so on. The Miracle of the Sun takes the cake for me; if 100,000 people can claim to simultaneously see the sun convert into a spinning color disk, and then watch it zig-zag and crash into the earth, and after all that we are still here, all kinds of delusions and mass delusion are possible, or anything is physically possible. Either way; its a pretty unsettling result.
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