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Princess Diana and Catherine Middleton Go For a Stroll

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OK, so Di and Kate don't really get to hang out, but the cover of Newsweek imagines what it would be like if they did as part of their cover story on what Princess Diana would be like at the age of 50. That not only includes a composite graphic of her hanging out with daughter-in-law Kate, but also images of what her Facebook page and Twitter account might look like. It's interesting, but maybe a tad on the fan fic side. What do you think?

Link via The Week

i think it's morbid, like the way some people have their stillborn babies photoshopped to look alive so they can put the pictures on their mantle (this is a real thing). and i am a person who at one time considered mortuary school, until i realized what a scam funeral homes are
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The tell, is that when you turn the page at the end of the article- there is a pic of Tina- and you could easily mistake the two.
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Also- if you are going to photo shop the cover- get rid of the random dude! Although I guess he could be the 'Royal Twacknut'- a heraldic position that would have been enacted by Diana in 2008.
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Wow. I guess if she hadn't been murdered, or at least messed with post-mortem, this wouldn't have seemed so zombie like.
Was that the same press who killed her, or perhaps were there when she died?

Zombie princess.
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Totally creepy. Things must be very slow at Newsweek if all they have to do is to PhotoShop images of a dead woman. The article inside was even worse; it had "Diana's" tweets and FaceBook page. The text was even more disturbing: it postulated that, had Diana lived, she would have grown closer to Charles after his marriage to Camilla - even implying that she and Cam would switch roles and that Diana would ultimately end up being Charles' mistress.

And this is supposed to be a news magazine? Off to take a shower; I feel so dirty...
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This is the crap I'd expect from some tabloid like Star magazine, not...well, I was about to say Newsweek, but then I realized I'd put nothing past them anymore. Carry on with your slide into irrelevancy...
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Newsweek is a trashmag anyway. (why do we want news a week late?) A prime example of "just because you CAN photoshop, doesn't mean you SHOULD". And, in this case, it's a poor rendering anyway. Who's the idiot who approved this for production? This wouldn't even go on
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