First Fashion Show in Full 3D Holograph

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Yeah, it's a little bit "performance piece in a warehouse", but I think it's pretty cool. Motion-graphics designer Tim Jockel created this first fully 3D holographic fashion show for the German designer Stefan Eckert, which premiered in April 2011. Other designers have incorporated elements of holographic design into their runway shows, but this is the first to run without live models.

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A number of years ago, Alexander McQueen did a fashion show that featured a "Pepper's Ghost"-style holographic effect of Kate Moss floating in a pyramid of water.

(For those who don't know, Pepper's Ghost is basically the effect used for the ghosts in the ballroom of Disney's Haunted Mansion. Also used on the Tower of Terror, and many theatrical stage productions).

Diesel also did a runway show that featured hologram-style effects, although they couldn't truly be called holograms.
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I agree. It is cool and all but I can't see how it serves the purpose of a fashion show which is to show off the clothes to the buyers. The dark ambien and bad special effect does not help. Just a gimmick really
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I'm thinking it's mostly meant to showcase the schtick of being fully holographic. The clothes aren't anything special, really--and who would write posts about solid-colored shift dresses? I'm sort of curious as to how his sales went after this.
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Not really getting it I guess. The technology is neat (though you can't tell much from this video), but you can't actually see the fashion well because of all the random movements, blurs, and effects. Seems like it defeats the purpose of a runway (well, the official purpose). From a performance perspective there's very little to no actual timing or choreography, it's just a string of demo pieces with really awkward pauses and transitions. It feels like when someone adds way to many effects to a youtube video to make something simple look cool for a fan music video or something. Perhaps that's more what this is meant to be, kind of a demo reel?

But then, I'm not really in to fashion in the first place, so maybe I should be glad I don't "get it" and move on. ;)
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