Hello Kitty Septic Tank

I can't find out any information about this picture, but I am a bit skeptical that this is an officially licensed product by Sanrio. Although I could certainly see how the Hello Kitty image could lead to a $200 markup. I mean, who wouldn't be willing to pay out a little more for this adorable septic tank?


Terrible shopping. Along with what the other commenters noticed, there's no perspective on the cat's face. Notice how the top of the tank appears larger in diameter than the bottom because it is closer to the lens? Well, the cat's face should be exhibiting the same narrowing effect and it's not.
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What has already been said, I agree with (no grain on hello kitty, and bad perspective). In addition to this the levels look wrong, particularly in the black outline of hello kitty (adjust the output black level to be more grey, maybe to ~23). The tank texture in the white regions looks like the hello kitty is an overlaid layer with some transparency applied. If you paste the first result from google images for hello kitty into the picture, by scaling and rotating the image you can make it fit perfectly. Experimenting with the transparency, it seems like a 60% opacity seems about right to mimic the result.
Finally: http://www.diyrepairguides.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Build-a-Septic-Tank-300x225.jpg
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poor shop jobs are fun and easy to crap out on the web... nothing wrong there. it's the posting and commenting on it as it were real, as done on this page, that is disturbing.
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