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7-Year-Old Is an Accidental Art Sensation

Leilah Poulain's mom isn't super-handy with Facebook. In an attempt to showcase her daughter's painting of a penguin (above), she mistakenly uploaded the file to a public folder meant for entrants to a contest. The winner of that contest would have their artwork showcased in the Saatchi Gallery, a world-famous contemporary art gallery.
‘A year later I’d forgotten about it, and then I got an email saying Leilah was a Saatchi winner,’ said Rebekah.

I called them and said, “Thank you, but I don’t know what you’re on about”.

Apparently there were 1,700 applicants – but Leilah wasn’t actually one of them. Not on purpose.

‘It was quite funny really. I told my brother, who’s a graphic designer, and he couldn’t believe it. He said he’d love to exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery.’

Yesterday, Leilah’s painting was hanging on the wall of a gallery which features work from the likes of Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin.

Rebekah added: ‘It seems it all happened because I’m such an idiot. I didn’t know what I was doing when I uploaded Leilah’s picture.

‘When I told her the picture was going to be in a gallery, she thought it was brilliant.

‘Leilah said, “Does this mean I’m a famous artist?”. She wants to go to see it in London now.’

Link | Image credit: SWNS

I'm all for impressionism, cubism and a few other ism's but what happen to the time when people had to study for years and then be under-appreciated in their time?
I just can't help but feel that these kind of things devalues art in the eyes of the world. "Look a 4 year old can do it"
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Wow... wonder what the people who picked this think now. Probably thought it was just brilliant and inspiring coming from some starving artist, and then they find out it's from a 7yo. HA!
It is great for a 7yo though :D
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Wait, she "thought" she was uploading the photo to FaceBook but she also included her name and contact information with the photo upload? Right. Smells like fish to me.
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It is very, very difficult to unlearn all of the crap that has bee shoveled into our heads over the years.

Children definitely have the advantage over adults in the spontaneity department.
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I'm suprised it took 5 comments to note that something smelled fishy. Something amiss with this. "Accidently" posted her 7yo's art to a "mysevenyearoldcoulddothis" contest? Foo.
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Now available, graphic art painted by an undiscovered fetus. Since it's pre-birth art, it adds to the value, which can only go up after the artist is born.
On sale now, sight unseen (for those who prefer a pig in a poke) for only $9500 each, plus $1.99 shipping and handling.
Contact the Pere Ubu Gallery in Dada, Nevada.
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