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DIY TV-B-Gone Jacket

(YouTube Link)

Have you ever tried to have a discussion with a friend at a restaurant but couldn't hear a thing over the din of the TV? TV-B-Gone is a remote control device that allows you to turn the darn thing off. Concealing it in a jacket allows you to execute your move discretely to avoid incurring the wrath of patrons who were watching that fishing show, hockey game or Van Halen video. Just pull down the zipper to shut the offending TV off and no one will be any the wiser. This project is beyond my crafting capabilities so I would have to buy a jacket with the TV-B-Gone already installed.

Whenever I bring my TV-B-Gone out to restaurants, I look suspicious pointing it around. So I embedded the device into a jacket and turned it into a wearable TV silencer. For the switch, I sewed paths of conductive thread that become bridged by the metal zipper pull when it passes by. At the restaurant or bar, all I have to do is unzip my jacket to turn off the TV(s).

Link - Via Fashionably Geek

Agreed. Or ask to get it muted. If I were watching a sporting event and this happened, I'd probably be actively-aggressive and seek you out.
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Indeed. The message here is, "My comfort is more important than that of everyone else in the entire room, who were actively engaged in watching TV before I got here."

I hate loud TVs. I deal with it by avoiding them, not by spoiling other people's fun.
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Why doesn't this self-important hipster troll just go to an internet cafe and avoid places where there are TVs? It's their establishment, not yours.
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Wrong Demographic here "The Nag". Hipster posts belong on BoingBoing. Oh wait, it's already there....
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@ vonskippy

What does this have to do with hipsters?

This is geeky. So yes I would say it belongs here with all the geeks and the nerds.
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