18 Seriously Cool Bookshelves & Bookcases

I know you Neatoramanauts are a smart bunch, so many of you probably have piles of books lying around your house. If you’re looking for some new bookshelves and bookcases to put all of those great books away, here are some of the coolest book shelving systems that money can buy.


With a little clever placement of elastic, Instructables user fungus amungus was able to create this simple, but seriously eye-catching inverted bookshelf.


If you have a lot of books, you may have wished your home came with a set of bookcases built into the walls, but I’m willing to guess you never conceived of using your staircase to hold all of your novels. Architect Tim Sloan did though, and the result is perhaps one of the most functional staircases I’ve ever seen.

The Twins

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m always running out of space in my bookcases, which is why I simply love this expanding Twin Bookshelf by Zeynep Cinisli. Essentially, you get two sets of cupboard shelves and when those fill up, you can just pull them apart for even more shelf space.


Like the Twins, REK by Reiner de Jong is brilliant in that it can be consolidated or expanded as needed. As a bonus, the detailed linework in the design makes it look cool room no mater how extended it happens to be at any given time.


Here’s one I know you Neatonauts will just love, a bookshelf with an equation built right in to it. Not only does the design, by Estudio Breder, look cool, but it’s also a great way to sort your titles by importance using the parentheses.

The Infinite

While Job Koelewijn’s infinity-sign-shaped bookcase won’t actually hold an infinite number of books, it does hold a lot. Aside from looking cool, the design has a deeper meaning too, representing the infinite knowledge that can be gained from books.


When you’re looking for a bookcase that really reflects your scientific interest, Joel Escalona’s MYDNA bookcase is a perfect option. Aside from the fact that this bookcase has the undeniable look of your favorite twisted ladder structure, it also is unique in that you can access if from four different directions –meaning this case is certainly not intended to be shoved in the corner of a room somewhere.

The United States of America

For those patriotic few who revel in the thought of adorning their walls with pictures and likenesses of the USA, Ron Arad’s USA bookcase is a great way to store your books while keeping with your theme. Best of all, it provides you with a unique organizing system opportunity.

The Dolly

While this dolly bookshelf by Etsy seller StudioDZ might not hold the most books and at $850, it might be one of the more expensive options, but on the upside, it’s certainly the easiest to move.

Books To Go

Rose Cobb’s Books To Go design is another portable bookshelf on wheels, this one secured not by gravity but by a giant vice. Now that’s one way to make sure things don’t get shifted about. Best of all, if your shelf ever fills up, just attach another one to the top and keep on rolling.

The Dog

If you love to read, this NEL dog bookshelf could quickly become your best friend as he holds your favorite titles on his back and holds on to the book you’re currently reading in his mouth.

The City Skyline

Frederik Roije’s “Storylines” bookshelves look like a city skyline and once you add your titles, you can continue with the uneven  drops and peaks or arrange them in a way that will provide you with uneven bottoms that come together with a level top.

The Maze

Once you’re done getting lost in your favorite book, you can put it back in this beautiful maze bookcase by Woodloops, and hopefully not get lost trying to find it again.

The Bed

When it’s up against the wall, this bookcase by Karen Babel might look like a good waste of wall space, but once the bed is laid down on the ground and pushed together, it’s easy to see just how useful this bookcase is for those with smaller homes and apartments. Personally, I’d love to have one of these for when I have company staying over.


Samulnoli’s Movement Bookcase is a cute décor addition, featuring little arms and legs that actually hug your favorite books. What a great way to show your books some love!

Read & Roll

The Read & Roll Nils Holger Moormann combines all the functionality of a bookcase with the comfort of a chair. It even comes in two versions, the standard and the lounge chair. Best of all, they even come with a giant wheel so you can rearrange your book/chairs whenever you need to.

The Bookwave

The soft fabric used in the ilio’s Bookwave allow it to stretch and shrink as needed so it can expand for your heaviest volumes or shrink to hide itself when not in use. The design is brilliant because it can be hung from any ceiling and used as a room divider or a curtain.


These slatted bookshelves from Picked By Hand not only look cool, they’re also super functional, allowing the user to bend their shelves up or down as needed to make more space. I know most people, myself included, tend to stick with the tried and true classic bookshelves, but there are all kinds of models out there for the fashionable bibliophile. Do any of you guys have cool bookcases that are worth talking about?

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Good timing, I was just researching bookcases this morning, but nothing as funky as this. I'm overrun with books, spent a few hours yesterday perusing about 200, decided I could part with five. Oops. Need more shelving.
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