Japanese Sword Pistol

What is this thing? I'm having trouble tracking down an authoritative source (or even the origin of this photograph), but here's what's written on the sign:

This unusual item was captured by US forces during the Pacific Campaigns of World War II. It consists of a pistol known as the 7mm "Baby Nambu" and a samurai sword blade. This item was not a standard Japanese Army item and it is believed that the owner had it fabricated on his own initiative. It is further believed that it was intended to be used in frontal-type assaults.

Well, it's not a bad idea. But it has one obvious flaw: no place to mount a scope. I mean, really, who wants to go into battle with a sword pistol with only iron sights?

via MArooned

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Nope, disagree witcha Bearfoot. The frame is all together different from a Nambu. Looks more like a carved up Glisenti to me, maybe even a Lahti. And its missing all kinds of critical parts. Gotta be fake.
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@MJ>> don't be so quick to call fake. It looks like the sword clips on the gun. though I do agree this is probably the second stupidest idea for a weapon after the Davey Crockit nuclear weapon. And probably just as useful.
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This is most certainly a fake. The pistol could not function, as the brass would have caused a stovepipe jam when fired, and second, the balance of the sword has been destroyed. A useless artifact that never really was.
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