Environmentally Friendly Ammunition

If you are going to kill people and blow things up, at least you can do it so the rest of the living can have a pollution free Earth. It seems the US military has been developing “green” ammunition for some time now.
In 2007, responding to reports from the field that current rounds weren't deadly enough, the Army jump-started efforts to make a more lethal round that was also environmentally friendly.


I'll buy some if it hits the market, unless some useful idiot in Congress declares them "cop killers" and tries to ban them.

I wish they had specified the grain weight of the round; is it similar to the 5.56 Nato MK262 Mod1 77gr (Black Hills) long range SPR round? If so, the extra grain weight coupled with the higher velocity might account for most of that performance.
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"Our bullets are good for the environment."

I hope the poster of this blog post sees the irony - or the absurdity - of this statement. Although I doubt it considering how he seems to be some gun/army/weapons aficionado.
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The Norwegian armed forces has just quit using "green" ammo. Lots of soldiers would get sick from shooting. They were poisoned by white phosphorus.
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There is no white phosphorus in the norwegian green ammo. Soldiers are getting sick though, from something called "metal fever" (which has nothing to do with maiden or kiss), where minute metal particles from the ammo and the pipe are causing a wide range of symptoms.
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Hmm. My post was removed. Apparently the topic is the ammo, but talking about the ammo is in bad form. I guess that leaves me nothing to say.
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