13 Hilarious Peeps Candy Easter Dioramas

For the devout, Easter is an opportunity to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, but for many others, it’s an excuse to munch down on piles of pastel candies and chocolate bunnies. By far the most notorious of these springtime treats is the sugar-coated marshmallow masses known as Peeps. But you don’t have to love the taste of Peeps to appreciate their brilliance. The simple bunny and chick shapes open the candies up to a whole new realm of fun in the form of diorama artworks. Here are a few of the funniest and coolest we could find.

Peep Show

This classic, sexy Peep diorama is probably the most famous ever made as it has spread its way across the internet for years. The oldest version I could find comes from Flickr user Amenhotep4, but I don’t think he’s the creator of the diorama. If you know were it comes from, please let me know in the comments.

Sweety Todd: The Demon Barber of Peep Street

This diorama by Flickr user mreraser’s friends Matt and Teresa is by far one of my favorites. There is so much detail in the decorations and I can’t help but love the blood on the decapitated Peeps and the maniacal look on Sweety Todd’s face.

We Come In Peeps

This adorable diorama was created by Dan Paddock and sent in directly to BoingBoing after the site posted this bizarre and slightly scary fake magazine cover called "Rest In Peeps, Anna Nichole Smith."

Alien Peeps

Of course, not all alien travelers are peaceful as Daniel Spiess made clear in his chest-burstingly scary Peeps diorama, which was based on the movie Alien.

Peeparassic Park

This Peep-filled tribute to Jurassic Park by Flickr user babelglyph was so massive that one photo couldn’t capture the full detail. This Jeep attack shot is my favorite of the series as it shows just how terrifying the dinosaur attacks actually were.

The Village Peeps

This disco-themed diorama by Flickr user Chris Williams is great, but perhaps the best detail is the adorable little hats the Village Peeps are wearing.

Bacon Peeps

If you love bacon then you’re sure to love the bacon peeps featured on the Peeps Diorama Contest blog.

Fail Peeps

Twitter lovers everywhere are sure to recognize this symbol of failure, recreated in Peep form on the Peeps Diorama Contest blog.

David & Golipeep

That same contest blog also brought us this brilliant recreation of the classic biblical story of David versus Goliath. Golipeep is one intimidating marshmallow character, he almost looks like he should be the villain in a Ghostbusters movie instead.

Anniversary Apollo Peeps

If you think working at NASA was all serious science with no time for fun and games, you are wrong my friend. This adorable Apollo 40th Anniversary diorama was put together by the space program’s printing and design team.


Ever wonder what the organs of the little sugary sweet candies must look like? Flickr users Ben+Sam did, which led to the creation of this detailed Peeps autopsy lab.

The Peeple vs. Scott Walker

This Peep version of the Wisconsin protests is so accurate that it actually incited quite the debate between our Neatorama commenters, just like the real protests. It was first uploaded by escapetochengdu, but it’s hard to say if he made it and, if not, who the real creator is.

Office Olypeeps

If you’re a fan of the office, then you’ll love The Office Peeps Contest held at Office Tally. While this one didn’t win, it’s still my favorite, not least of all because I absolutely love that episode. If you’re interested in checking out more, the biggest Peeps diorama contest is the one hosted by The Washington Post, so you can see their past winners and current entries by clicking the link. And, of course, feel free to share any links to dioramas you have made at home.

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The portrait on the wall for Sweety Todd looks like Infomania's Sergio Cilli. In-fact, I believe this is the picture: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1826186/mediaindex
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