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Garage Door Opener

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And you thought your home wiring was weird! Caution -don't try this at home, or anywhere else. -via reddit

It is AMAZING the crazy things you find when house shopping. A few of the more bizarre ones we found (just on ONE house):
- Bathroom walls outfitted in vinyl siding
- wood floor on addition that was bouncy
- every outlet cover was crooked
- every window was trimmed out in pieces that were crooked and did not match up to each other
- the crazy wallpaper mural from the 70's of a forest silhouette with a red orange sunset behind it
- apartment sized stove in a ranch house

I cant even imagine what the electrical was like in that house. Hubby joked that to clean the bathroom we could just hose it off. We nicked named it the "Fun House." Needless to say we did not buy it.
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Oh the horror nihil!
Sadly all of your "crazy" things don't sound dangerous. Just sounds like you have pretty high standards.
This wiring looks like it is a bad accident waiting to happen not a cosmetic issue.
- apartment sized stove in a ranch house. I guess we are not all rich like you. Now if it was wired up like those garage doors, now we got a story!
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Here it is folks, the most annoying and snarky intonations available to the quasi-male. Oh let's watch and sniggle whilst he holds in his delicate refined hand a camera phone as he traces the shoddy ill-informed electrical work of the former owner. Of course he maintains a safe, objective pose reeking of prissy passive-aggression which if fine so long as he avoids hot-button terms like ghetto-rigged and worse. I'm just so convinced by the way he is able to expose degenerate workmanship he'll be a far superior steward of this property and never ever find himself so laughably uninformed, dim and, egads, impoverished. Best of luck.
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@eddyslick, have you watched it until the end? If you haven't, I assure you the sarcasm was well-deserved. If you have seen it all and still believe that workmaship should be treated with respect then one has to wonder who's being passive-aggressive here...
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@narwhal - Indeed they have. It's something I've been thinking about a lot in the past few weeks. I don't know the answer though, besides having to invoke moderation (which is very time consuming).
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Greyman the whole house which I was referring just screamed that someone bought it and used all of thier leftover construction materials to "fix it up." Most of which was not exactly up to code here.

I don't get how having what was obviously a salves "hey someone is throwing this away" stove that was obviously too small for the spot it was occupying in a three bedroom ranch makes me rich.

In fact the house we ended up buying didn't have any appliances, other rhen the fridge left full without power in the hor Chicagoland summer, the bathroom sink plumbing was incomplete, the gararage door opener was stolen by the seller right before closing and the man door for the garage was kicked in by said seller. Let me not forget the cut electrical lines to the 220 outlets and
The medicine cabinet that was apparently held up by magic and paint.

Oh and thr seller tried to move the fridge out and it spilled it wonderfully purtrid contents on the floor of thr kitechen, laundry, and down the back steps. I have never smelled such a stench in my life.

High standards, no, just realistic for the area we were house shopping in. The "Fun House" was also 15k more then the others we has looked at that were similiar.
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Mike Holmes would have a heart attack. And then roll over in his grave if he saw this shotty eletrical.
The whole thing is spliced extention cords!
That's a fire wating to happen D:
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