Maru is OK

Many who are shocked and saddened by the devastation in Japan don't know anyone in the country. But we all know Maru. Link -via Buzzfeed

At one point this morning, while watching the footage in horror, I actually had the thought "I wonder if Maru and his owner are okay."

I don't know anyone personally who is in Japan so wondering about internet personalities or people I know of through other media is pretty normal I think.
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LoriM, I had the exact same reaction.

It matters not a whit that Maru and, by extension, his human, is famous and that is why we wish for their safety--all that matters is that they are safe. And I, too, am very glad they are.
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Oh, for goodness' sake.

I usually try to ignore trolls, but really? A small and optimistic thing happens in the middle of such horror and devastation, and the best some can do is sneer at it.

So, 60 can facepalm himself, firmly, between the eyebrows. The rest of us can be glad for many in Japan, including Maru and his family, who have escaped the devastation.
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Thank you for the death threat, punjabman. You should be careful, though. You could be arrested for making death threats online.

You know, the death toll estimate is currently up to 10,000, with nuclear disaster looming. But thank god this one cat's okay.

If you stop and think for a moment, probably thousands of cats and dogs and other pets are dead right now due to the disaster.

But, we don't know who they are, so it doesn't affect us in the same way that the death of something familiar would affect us.

Maybe think beyond your shallow world view for a moment.
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@ Ted
I find it funny that you call someone out for having a "shallow world view " when your idiot automatic robot brain concluded that somehow trading cat lives for human lives was a brilliant statement. Really?

Did it go something like this? Hmmm...tragedy....WELL there can only be 2 options here in my very deep world view of I pick that everybody lives and the cat dies OR do I choose the cat dies and everybody lives.....hmmmm? This one is a no brainer...LITERALLY!
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Wow, since when did Neatorama turn into Hateorama?

Yes, I do value the life of a human more than the life of a cat. If you don't understand the point I was making, then you shouldn't comment. Obviously, the subject is too emotional.
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