You've Been Watching Too Many Horror Movies

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Because you're freaking out over ordinary things. TV pranksters had a little girl in a nightgown stand in the middle of a hotel hallway. They placed hidden cameras nearby to test people's reactions. When guests step off the elevator, they're shocked at what they see. The best reaction is at 2:00.

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Funny, but's a little girl standing out by herself, apparently all alone. No one stopped and said, "Hey, are you alright?"
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Well, its edited footage for a TV show. The point of the bit was to show goofy people getting scared. Undoubtedly many interactions were edited out for the bit, wouldn't you think?
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RE:Redjack Not in any of the clips we saw.

They probably collected a couple dozens reactions, and only showed the freak outs. I would like to think that in some of the cut reactions, there were some concerned individuals. Of all of the scared reactions, the demographic seemed to be roughly those who would watch horror all the time.

The exception being the maid who gave a reaction that seemed more 'what trouble is that child getting into?"
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Me and my friend Joe were part of the crew. It's only people under 30 that freaked out. Everyone else had a pretty "normal" reaction. The cleaning lady knew we were up to something, that explains her reaction. Young people are screwed in the head when it comes to human interaction these days.
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Oddly, I find Dirk's reply to be much more interesting than the footage of the people freaking out. I'd like to see something like this, just comparing and analysing the reactions of different genders, age groups, etc.
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Reminded me of The Shining. Kubrick is smiling in his grave. ;)

People under 30 grow old to become people over 30.
More to the point probably: I counted 9 scared women and only 1 guy.
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I was also wondering why no one showed any concern for the little girl.

And also,

Why, if something scares you that bad, do you run TOWARD IT?

Interesting experiment though.
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Dumb. They show a few people being surprised by something unexpected. I woulda reported a child acting weird to the hotel management, but not run away screaming.
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There is a program on ABC called "What would you do?" that creates scenarios and records the reactions. Whether or not they do any creative editing, there is usually a few decent reactions. Some of the scenarios include; A woman physically and verbally abusing a man in public - most bystanders don't get involved, A baby left crying inside a parked car - most bystanders don't get involved, and A disheveled man lying passed-out on the sidewalk - most bystanders don't get involved.

Of course, there are reasons for this in psychology, most of which can be linked to how the individual perceives their own involvement and the embarrassment or ridicule they may garner by helping. Fear seems to be the primary deterrant for helping others. Fear of earning a negative social/self-image.
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