Newly-Discovered Dinosaur Named "Thunder Thighs"

But the scientists mean it as a compliment, not an insult. The brontomerus had exceptionally large leg muscles:

It could have given other animals a hefty kick, say its discoverers.

It seems most likely to us that what this is about is being able to deliver a strong kick”

"If predators came after it, it would have been able to boot them out of the way," said Dr Mike Taylor, from University College London, UK.

The team has named its dinosaur Brontomerus mcintoshi - from the Greek "bronto", meaning "thunder"; and "merós", meaning "thigh".

The fossilised bones of two specimens - an adult and a juvenile - have been dated to be about 110 million years old.

Suggestion: playfully address your wife and/or girlfriend as "thunder thighs". Explain that you mean it in a good way, particularly that they give the ability to kick hard.

Link via Geekologie | Image: Francisco Gascó

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"Newly-Discovered Dinosaur Named "Thunder Thighs""

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