The World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle Is Going to Keep You Busy for a While

Toy and puzzle making company Ravensburger has created the world's largest commercially available jigsaw puzzle. It weighs 42 pounds and is composed of 32,256 pieces. The completed image is a compilation of 32 works by the pop artist Keith Haring. You can view more images of it at the link.

Link | Company Website | Image: Ravensburger

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The first thing I wondered (of course) was how much this would cost. Their 18,000-piece puzzles are around 150 bucks so it wouldn't be a surprise if this one cost twice that at the very least. Then there's the shipping cost, which makes my head hurt a little to think about it too much! I'm sure it would be a very ouchy price. I wonder if the company will produce many of these puzzles at all. They're so big few people will have room to put it together. It's too bad that getting one is out of my budget because I'd like to send one to my mom. She's a big-time puzzle junkie and she finishes them pretty fast but this one would just blow her mind! It would be so worth getting just to hear her freak out when she sees it!
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Only a masochist would do this to himself, Insha'Allah. All those white pieces! The span of Keith Haring's entire career is shorter than the time it would take to complete this fool's errand.
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