Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!

Want your child to turn that frown upside down? By any means necessary? This feels like it belongs on Arrested Development, alongside the injury-inducing cornballer, but amazingly enough it's a real thing. And there's only a "slight twitch side effect!" Hooray for science!
This new invention just hooks on your child’s ears like glasses while another portion fits snuggly under the chin. Ok so what is the twist? How about electro shock treatment? Yes the portion under the chin sends a constant pulse of electricity through your child’s cheeks.

Set the electro smile unit on high and snap that smile right into place, no more worries about grandma feeling the kids are not happy to see her. The sudden jolt of electricity in the jaw muscles forces the child to smile with complete body excitement giving grandma the appearance the kids have really missed her.

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Why would one count food bites?

The captions on the picture do kind of reveal the joke, but it's not completely obvious. It gets a little more credence each time someone on a blog reposts it as an actual device. This is why the internet is becoming a den of misinformation. Nowhere in the post itself does it hint at the true nature of this product.

That's scary.
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Really, Bozko? With captions like "Granny coming: Your kids will look happy with push of button," and "Only slight twitch side effect," you thought this was real? Welcome to the Internet.

On a side note, snuggly =/= snugly.
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I can't believe anyone really thought this was real! It's about as real as Bonsai Kitten...but then a whole bunch of people fell for that one too. People are so gullible.

However, the real deal Bite counter is just about as dumb as the smile zapper.
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If this article was intended to come off as some kind of joke I missed it entirely. Without Serkan Toto's information I would have thought this was a real product. I did a search for Electro Smile and it would seem everybody else is under that same assumption. I for one am happy to know the real story.
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