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Fire Chief Ticketed While Aiding Injured Woman

Fire Chief James Allen is used to saving lives.  What he isn't used to is being ticketed by state police while trying to be of aid in an emergency. James  received a  ticket on Wednesday for blocking the right lane of traffic.  He was in his department vehicle and was responding to a serious accident.
"He stopped me from going to take care of the patient and asked me for license and registration," Allen told PIX 11 News. " I immediately gave him my license out of my pocket went and took care of the patient."

The woman in this car was seriously injured. Her vehicle was in the center lane of the parkway, the same lane the trooper stopped in.


Well if this cop were to need emergency medical care in the future, I'm sure the fire department will give traffic regulations a higher priority now.

I can't believe this jurisdiction has no traffic law exceptions for emergency vehicle activity.
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When I was training to be an EMT I once stopped to help a car that was trapped in a marsh. Slowly sinking with four passengers on board. On-lookers just stood there watching. I told one gawker to call the cops and ambulance. I then went into the water, got everyone out, used my sweater to make a brace for one passenger who had broken their arm, and then took their stats. When the State Trooper arrived he noticed an empty beer can on the backseat floor of my car and wanted to arrest me for driving with an open container of alcohol.
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I thought for sure this was in one of our local municipalities. They pull this stuff all the time around the St. Louis area. We had a cop give a Chief a ticket because his pumper truck was blocking traffic while they were performing a rescue operation.
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It is a felony to interfere with an EMT while performing duties and/or involved in direct patient care; there are no exceptions to person. Failure of the Chief to go forward with charges against the Trooper is an affront to all EMT's. In addition, it is standard practice for FD's to block off adjacent lanes to an incident for the safety of the rescuers. Anyone who feels otherwise needs to visit with me for a minute; it won't take long, I promise. Oh, BTW, I'm a Paramedic.
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I don't care if the asswipe cop was a rookie, he needs to be penalized for this in some way. And the department needs to give a refresher course to its people on the subject. For god's sakes!
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according to the link, the fire chief is due in court next month because of this; let's hope the judge has more sense than the police. I sometimes seriously can't believe the junk that happens...
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