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The United States of Awesome

Remember the United States of Shame, where each state was labeled with the statistic it was worst in? Ilya Gerner figured that there should be a statistic that each state is best in, and made a map accordingly. However, I'm not sure how proud I can be that Kentucky is the best armed state. Link to map. Link to explanation. -via Buzzfeed

In fact, Ohio was ranked as the nerdiest state BECAUSE it has the highest library usage (source: pleated jeans website, the source of the United States of Shame map).

Yes, this kind of ranking is lame and not even remotely funny.
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So my homestate of Washington is really good at having sexual relationships with animals, and we're also really good at keeping infants alive... Wwwweeeeeiiird...
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North Dakota has the ugliest citizens AND the highest unemployment? Is there another map that shows North Dakota has the highest number of freak shows? That would probably explain the connection.
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Despite not being the healthiest, Hawaii has the highest life expectancy. It probably had something to do with a lack of stress and being surrounded by a tropical paradise or something.
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ah, that makes sense. LOL. I didn't really look too closely at the sources and such for the last one.

So really we just have the same stat and the first person just interpreted it like a jackass.
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Look at CO. Cocaine is an appetite suppressant. At the negative connotation of your stat isn't 'crackhead'.

Also, I'm moving to Kentucky, because I love America, and ALL of it's rights. Feel free to join me. Or do you admit you hate America?
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I'm not sure all of those things are really "awesome". I'm not proud that my state has the most people who kill animals for fun. That's not awesome.
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least political corruption in Nebraska. We just had a mayorial recall election on tuesday in our largest city because people were pissed about a 2.5% entertainment tax. it failed by 1600 votes.
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haha you have got to be kidding me alaska most equal?? I live here in alaska and I can tell you right now that has got to be a mistake.. all the natives here are treated like kings and queens with free healthcare, eduacation, housing, money etc and the whites with shit.
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