Freezing Boiling Water

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Winters are quite cold in Yellowknife, the capital town of Canada's Northwest Territories. YouTube user samantha683 instantly froze boiling water by tossing it into the -30° C air.

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Heh. My accordion instructor used to be in the Russian Army. They would have occasional exercises in Siberia. He related a story to me about how they would grab a cup of hot water and then sling it's contents towards another and by the time the water reached the face of the other soldier, it would do exactly that.
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The water molecules are expanded while heat has been added. With the larger surface area per molecule, It will dissipate heat a lot quicker when they water molecules are not group tightly together. That's why hot water "freeze" faster than cold water. Now if the water was shooting out at an optimal pressure with optimal temperature relative to the freezing environment, it would actually freeze into a s slab/stick of ice. That's how when a massive and deep cold front hits let's say a small waterfall, the waterfall can actually freeze.
Water is one of the most amazing things in the universe.
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It's -30 here in southern Canada right now too.

Also, she's doing that in that temperature with no gloves or hat? Canadian, through and through! Once winter gets going we consider -5 to be a day you don't have to wear a jacket.
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Funny how many people have done this online since it appeared on TV a few weeks before christmas. One guy said to me that it's amazing how many people living in truly cold areas didn't know about the instant snow trick until it appeared on TV. He told me how steam locos used to pull around their own pet snow cloud when he was young.
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