Woman Gets Full-Back Twilight Tattoo

After Cathy Ward, 49, lost 70 pounds and dropped 14 dress sizes in six months, she decided to get a permanent reminder of the her inspiration: the Twilight series of books and movies. Ward spent 22 hours and $3000 to tattoo her favorite characters on her back. But the supermarket worker from Reading, England isn't done just yet:
‘I wanted a permanant reminder of the amazing series so I got a small tattoo and that turned into what I have got now.’

Despite having her whole back coverered in Stephenie Meyer's creations the sun has not gone down on her inky obsession.

She plans to save £2,000 more to spend another 12 hours under the needle as she eclipses her whole torso with the gothic tribute.

The Daily Mail has more: Link -via Geekosystem

The thing is on her back where she can't really see it. Does she think whoever's looking at her back will appreciate it? Sort of a gift to her eclipse loving partner?

To each his own.
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The tattoo artist did a great job, but I don't understand the mentality behind this. Losing weight should be about leading a healthier life, not because you want Edward on your stomach. Eh, whatever.
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A story like this makes me grit my teeth and remind myself that it's her body, she can do what she wants, it doesn't affect me...

BTW, the linked article says, "Despite her obsession with heart-throb Robert Pattinson childless Mrs Ward has not got it in the neck from husband Francis, 52."

Does anyone know what "get it in the neck" means in UK slang? Something like "get in serious trouble," I'm guessing? I've never heard it before.
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Why on earth would anyone do that...talk about regrets...I mean good work on loosing weight but bad call on celebrating it. Some people are just plain stupid but I'm glad to see most ppl agree wit me on that.
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