Neril Aminexil: A Love Story

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This is one of those ads in which you don't know what's being advertised until it's over -but you'll remember, once you stop laughing! From Publicis advertising agency in Indonesia. -via Dark Roasted Blend

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Crabby buncha sour grapes, ain't ya'll? As an older completely bald man, I find this little commercial hilarious. But I have a sense of humour-
going bald young'll do that to ya.
Now get off my lawn!
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Guys, don't be so defensive. Sure, Bill may not have a sense of humour, but he has a point. And you illustrated why it failed in your defense - because you hinted at a punchline.

I was unimpressed with this commercial, but if I hadn't been told in advance that it was funny, I would have found it more humorous. As you said, part of the humour in this ad is the unexpected element, but you ruin it when you build a higher expectation than what the commercial actually delivers.

(The other part of the humour is the toupee, which I thought was a little passé)
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Miss C.

...the only part that you left out was the man falling to his death at the end of the scene. Up 'till that point it was going OK.
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Bill, the basic factor in most humor is incongruity. We laugh when things turn out to be different from what we expect. In this case, the story starts off as a romance, then turns into a cliff-hanger (literally), then all the sudden the result turns on the fact that the man is bald. That is incongruous; therefore liable to elicit a humorous reaction in the audience.

Of course, only if the audience is open to the experience. I'm very sorry you didn't find it funny, and I apologize for wasting 35 seconds of your time.
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