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Charging Bull with Sweater

Street artist Agata Olek covered the Charging Bull sculpture in Manhattan with a pink and purple crocheted skin! But why?
"I wanted to make it for all those people who couldn't make it to their families and for those people who don't have coats and don't have any money."

Olek is originally from Poland, but when she couldn't make it home to see her family, she thought of all the others who might be spending this holiday far from their loved ones.

The crocheted Charging Bull is her Christmas gift to NYC, she says, and a tribute to the sculptor of the bull, Arturo Di Modica, who placed the bull on Wall Street just before Christmas of 1989.

The sweater only lasted a couple of hours- long enough to get its picture taken before Bowling Green park employees removed it. Link -via Laughing Squid

As a crocheter, I've got mixed feelings. The money she spent to buy that amount of yarn could have made a more practical statement if it had been donated to a charitable cause.
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Not sure how it helps anybody who hasn't got a coat. It doesn't even really draw attention to the coatless. People just want to cover things with yarn lately, and it just seems pointless.
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As a member of the Long Island Crochet Guild, I too, have mixed feelings. It is a fabulous crochet effort, but helping coatless people..not so much. She should use her talents for Good! At least, she got her 15 minutes of fame for her effort.
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Well, that's the point, ernest. The crocheter isn't being honest with herself or with us. She wanted to cover something with yarn. She saw her opportunity, and came up with an excuse - "I'm doing it to help the homeless/breast cancer victims/global warming".

Hmmm - yup, she should have said it was to draw attention to global warming. Now that would have made some sense.

My aunt knits plastic mats out of milk bags for people in Haiti - been doing it for years (apparently there's a demand?). She also knits blankets for animal shelter cats.
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Do you people just not 'get' art?

Sure, the yarn or money to buy the yarn could have been used to help the homeless, but then it wouldn't be art. The metal and money for the bull statue could have been used to help the poor and unfortunate as well, couldn't it? Why didn't Warhol just screen print fabric for the homeless rather than canvases for museums?

At least this art drew nationwide attention to a good issue, as well as encourage debate about how we're allowed to interact with the cities we live in and what is and isn't vandalism. As a former "guerrilla artist" myself, I'm really glad to see this make the news, as well as very disappointed in a lot of commenters, especially on the CNN site.
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No. Speaking as someone who minored in fine arts, no, I don't 'get' art at all. In fact, the point completely sailed over my head.

(removing tongue from cheek)
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Arts and crafts. This is crafts. It's a cute idea, granted, but don't pretend you're doing something to help draw attention to any plight. She did it for fun and to get a little fame.

I don't think anybody really cares that she covered up a bull with yarn momentarily. Most of the comments here revolve around the crafter's honesty with herself and others in saying that she did it for some vague cause.
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