Anime Opening Credits Are All the Same

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Derek Lieu is the cartoonist responsible for the webcomic Kick in the Head. He noticed that most anime opening sequences have the same features:

It's always amused me the repeated imagery that exist in anime opening credit sequences. This video doesn't cover them all, but it has a lot of the big ones. Interesting thing I learned, if a character is running it's overwhelmingly to the left of the screen.

So he put together this video, showing the openings of 93 different anime series. There's a complete list of them at the video link.

via Geekosystem | Lieu's Website

The fact that they're running to the left is, I think, related to the Japanese reading direction (from right to left). Also their books are browsed the other way. When the character of a manga comic is running to the left, it runs towards the next image, which is more natural, because it guides the eyes. Which explains it... maybe.
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Granted Japanese characters are read left to right when horizontal, when they are read in vertical rows, the rows are read right to left, I believe. Panels in their comics are also read right to left.

And nice video. It's interesting to see all the similarities.
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Nice to see nods to City Hunter and Space Adventure Cobra in there. I know of a couple of old-school anime shows that don't have the typical cliches, but this film covers 95%.
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I'm not going to deny that there are tropes in Anime (surprise, there are tropes in every form of media), but these clips are juxtaposed with very little context or analysis (eg. "O.M.G! There are hands, and they're doing things, IT'S ALL THE SAME!"). The producers of this video would have been better served by using their own drawings (however primitive) and an accompanying caption describing the trope than this mish-mash.
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