China Unveils the Fastest Computer in the World

The Tianhe-1A, which is at the National University of Defence Technology in Tianjin, is the fastest computer in the world:

According to Nvidia, a technology company that supplied parts for the Chinese computer, the Tianhe-1A was clocked at 2.507 petaflops, or more than two quadrillion calculations per second. It has the power of 175,000 high-end laptops.[...]

Until now, the fastest supercomputer was the Jaguar, built by Cray, and installed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. The Jaguar has clocked 1.75 petaflops in testing.

Link via Popular Science | Photo: NVIDIA

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Dear Americans, a list of Chinese Supercomputers for sale at discounted rate has been emailed to President Obama recently following the visit of Chinese Premier Hu Jintao. The bad news is there will be a price hike should the Chinese opted for Renminbe appreciation.
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@pap momodou jeng - you're totally wrong mate - China is a lot behind America in technology, even this computer is NOT built with Chinese technology - like the rest of your technology, its not yours but bought in from someone else...or stolen as you are very good at stealing other people's IP you are years away from truly catching up with America or the other 1st world nations who truly INNOVATE :-p
@Joubran - you forget an important law of economics, when A owes B a little money its A's problem, but when A owes B a LOT of money its B's problem, all you own is a lot of debt that will never be repaid LOL
China forgets that her current prosperity was built by Western investment and would do well to remember that - the modern world is a different one with all nations depending on each other 20th Century thinking won't work in the 21st Century for very long. Get over it so we can all hold hands and sing 'kumubaya' ;-)
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i believe that they can do so as far as am concerned i know that they are capable of doing everything that is compitable in technology so let the americans watch back and know that the chinesse are far ahead of them........
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