12 Gross Candies Perfect For Trick or Treaters

Because many people wait until Halloween is only a few days away to buy candy so they aren’t tempted to snack on it before the trick or treaters arrive, I assume many of you still haven’t hit the stores to stock up on sweets. If you’re looking to get candy that fits the gross and creepy mood of the holiday, then you’ll be happy to hear that I collected some great ideas to disgust your ghoulish guests. If you already have candy or don’t get any trick or treaters, then you can still read about these abhorrent candies and wonder about the sick minds that come up with this stuff.

Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters

You’ve probably all seen the Harry Potter jelly beans with such delightful flavors as earwax, pepper and vomit, but these cockroach clusters are equally disgusting although less popular. Like a real cockroach, they have a squishy center with a crunchy shell. Fortunately, these candy versions have a gummy underbelly with a crunchy candy shell on top.

Hotlix Suckers

If fake cockroaches don’t do it for you, perhaps real bugs will. Whether you like worms, crickets, ants or scorpions, Hotlix sells a variety of bugs sealed in a lollipop. All of them are entirely edible and utterly icky.

Image via Erin_M [Flickr]

Fear Factor Candy

With all the nauseating eating challenges in Fear Factor, it’s only sensible that the show spawned its own line of revolting treats. While there are way too many products to list here, some highlights include slimy gummy octopuses in syrupy goo and gummy frog legs with crunchy bones that come with a blood dipping sauce.

Chocolate Doo Drops

While this may look like dog droppings, it is actually made from one of Europe’s finest chocolatiers, Guittard Chocolate of California. Best of all, it’s over a 1/3 of a pound…yummy!

Chocka Ca Ca

Bodily functions are a huge seller in the nasty candy category, which is why it’s not surprising that there are not only dog poop candies, but chocolate turtles in baby diapers as well. On the upside, the diaper is still clean and usable, so many parents will find the packaging to be refreshingly useful.

Urine Sample Candy

Nothing like a sterile sample of urine to get your sweet tooth buzzing. Naturally the flavor is a slightly sweet and sour lemonade candy, just be sure not to get the candy mixed up with your company’s random drug test sample or you’ll have a terrible taste in your mouth while you try to explain the results to your boss.

Zit Poppers

Pus is yet another of those exciting bodily fluids that excite the gross candy maker’s mind. With gummy Zit Poppers, you can squeeze the pimples and enjoy the sweet strawberry and watermelon flavor of the bloody pus inside.

Candy Blood Bag

For aspiring vampires that haven’t yet acquired the taste for real iron-rich blood, these candy blood bags are a good stepping stone.

Lick Your Wounds Candy Scabs

Like real scabs are to blood, these candy scabs are essentially the same thing as candy blood, only in a dried version. They supposedly taste like cherry sweet tarts, but the real fun isn’t in the taste, but the design. The Band Aid part sticks to your arm and the bandage area opens to reveal the edible scab. You can even refill the bandage with more scabs so you can keep munching.

Ear Wax Candy

When you are ready to move from scabs to ear wax, try these utterly sickening ear wax candies instead. The plastic ear is filled with candy gel that you can enjoy when you pull it out with a lollipop stick shaped like a Q-Tip.

Hose Nose

If you would rather swallow snot than ear wax, then you may enjoy the Hose Nose. It pours liquid candy that can be squeezed directly into your mouth with the nose shaped dispenser which looks like a giant schnoz.

Chum Bucket

While the candies above are all gross due to the design, there are some candies that are just gross by nature (salted liquorice, I’m looking at you). While the packaging of the Chum Bucket is gross, the fact that the candies actually taste like chum is what makes them completely revolting.

There are tons of other gross candies out there, these are just the sickest ones I was able to find. If you know any others, feel free to add them in the comments.

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This was so much fun to read! I can't believe some of these candies...ewww. I actually saw the blood bag in a store yesterday, but I've never even heard of any of these other ones before. Who comes up with this crazy stuff? I don't think I could get past the visual on half of these. Definitely entertaining!
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