The Most Disgusting Jobs in Science

Annalee Newitz of io9 compiled a list of some of the grossest jobs in scientific research, like fart statistician:

How do you know when you fart too much? Because gastroenterologists have studied human fart production, figured out what the average number of daily farts should be, and determined that levels above that might indicate a medical problem. All hail the fart counters, who are keeping our gastrointestinal tracts healthy. And because I know you want to know: The mean number of farts in humans is "13.6 episodes per day," according to one expert.

Other featured jobs include testicle crusher and corpse grinder.

Link | Photo (unrelated) via Flickr user Charles Williams used under Creative Commons license

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Farts as an indicator of gastrointestinal health? This raises so many questions!

It's all good and well for the fart statisticians to tell us the average number is 13.6 "episodes" per day, but what about the variables?

You know, things like duration and intensity. Do two or three short but extremely loud blasts equate to one lengthy but muted toot?

And what about burps? Do they figure into this at all, or do we need to consult yet another gas obsessed statistician for that? It all just boggles the mind…not to mention the nostrils.
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