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Microsoft to Open Store in Mall, Right in Front of the Apple Store

Oh, this should be good. Apple has had a good and long run wow-ing the public with their hip iPhones and iPads in their oh-so-sleek Apple stores in malls, and Microsoft isn't going to take it anymore: the boys of Redmond are opening up their own store (bigger, in fact) in the Mall of America, directly in front of the Apple store.

Techi's got the story (and the video clip):

I can see it now: Apple’s ‘Geniuses’ folding their arms and glaring across the hallway at Microsoft’s … ‘Experts’, or whatever they end up calling their employees (do they already have a name?), who glare back in kind. What I’d really like to see, though, is all sorts of Spy Vs. Spy shenanigans happening between the stores. If life were only like that.


What do you think the Microsofters that work there should be called? I propose Best Servicepeople On Demand. T-Shirt from the NeatoShop for the best entry (write down what you want along with your comment, otherwise you forfeit the prize, mmkay?). Have fun!

Update 10/29/10 - Fishbowl wins with "Paperclip," but forfeited the prize.

This will be Microsoft's third store. There are over 300 Apple Retail Stores worldwide including four more just in the Twin Cities area. I don't think Steve feels threatened. As for a name of the Microsoft technicians, how about "Poor Bastards." At least Apple Geniuses can rely on a much more limited range of products they are expected to be able to repair. Can you imagine having to be an expert on EVERY possible configuration of a PC that walks through the door from Grandma's 10 year old Windows 2000 PC to übernerd's totally tricked out, self built gaming machine?
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You'll be buying your PC at the MicroStation with the help of Micronauts :) The station will be mostly white (to copy Apple) but with chrome added (to look cooler) and the Micronauts will wear some stylish white astronaut overalls.
C++ programmers do it with class (Large)
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Having shopped at a Microsoft Store that has been open in Orange County for about a year, I can say that it is as fine a shopping experience as the Apple Store.
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I vote "Prodigies". Instead of a "Genius bar", you could have a "Prodigy Pub".

Maybe suineg, genius backwards.

BSODs would also be pretty awesome.

Or, hey, just "Windows". "Microsoft Windows: let us give you a clear view into your PC."

ROFLcopter Pilot, please!
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some pretty good names up there- I like the Paperclip suggestion.
But honestly- I don't care what they call themselves as long as they help the customers. Of all the online customer service people I've ever contacted, the Microsoft ones are the worst for responding. In fact, they mostly don't. grrrrr
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