Motorcyclist with Rollerblades

This image is going around the Internet. It shows a motorcyclist wearing rollerblades while cruising down a busy highway. Safe or not?

via Geekologie

In some ways, I can see it being beneficial, say on local roads with lots of turns. I ride two wheels and often put my foot down on a turn (which I know you're not supposed to do when you're a good rider), which probably wears out my shoes a lot.

I can't imagine it would be that beneficial on a highway, unless that rider has figured out some way to lock the wheels of the rollerblades into his clutch or something.
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Nah, 70% of your stopping power comes from the front brake, which is hand operated. And depending upon how the roller wheels fit with/between the peg/rear brake, there may not be a problem there at all. It could even be more secure than regular boots (of course, it could be less--hard to tell.)
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I think it's stupid & dangerous.

A motorcyclist uses both feet, the left for changing gear (up and down flicking movements), the right for the rear break (a downward push). If this rider wedges the levers in the skates to make sure they don't slip off, he is still going to lose "feel" through those rigid soles.

And when he needs to put his feet down when stopping, what if he can't get them free? This will mean a topple from the bike - not dangerous at a stop, unless you fall under traffic...

And jenvanleigh - don't do it! You are going to break your foot!
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PS Hayabusa is the model of the bike. It's made by Suzuki, and for several years was the fasted road-legal bike available straight from the manufacturer, with a top speed of over 300kmh, or about 190mph.
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