Herding 100 Cats at IKEA

What would happen if you release 100 cats in your local IKEA store? That's exactly what the Herding Cats Experiment is all about:

These are not specially trained film cats. No one knew what they would do. ... A team of animal handlers are on site along with 5 film crews to capture all the action. They went into every little hole, crevice, every dark bit which is great because we have some infrared night vision camera which gives you these lovely shots when these went right to the dark corners ...

Check out the video clips at Geekosystem: Link

Next up: 100 snakes! Are you listening, IKEA?

super idea, especially for all their clients - like myself - who suffer from extreme cat allergy. that would be a fun day shopping... but i totally agree on the 100 snakes. together with the cats, i hope!
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oezicomix, did you watch to the end? They cleaned and vacuumed everything. How is that worst than shopping alongside a bunch of cat owners... Or would you like all cat owners not allowed outside their home because of your allergies?
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That may be true of people with mild allergies, Shywarrior, but for people with severe cat allergies a good vacuuming wouldn't be good enough. My mom, who is extremely allergic to cats, was given a sweater by a friend who owned one. She washed it twice, tried to wear it, and almost had to go to the hospital because it induced an extreme asthma attack. She would (and note that I'm using hyperbole to bolster my point) die if she went into that Ikea store that day.
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Confirming what Kelsey and oezicomix wrote, even if you vacuumed and left the windows open for several months(!), I would still suffer from allergic reactions in that store.
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I have had two brain surgeries and CANNOT be in the vicinity of people who "bathe" in cologne or aftershave yet that doesn't seem to stop people. I can immediately develop severe intercranial hypertension and have to be rushed to the ER and have a shunt placed to release the pressure. How is that different then making a fuzzy commercial? Quit complaining people, really, there are bigger things in life than CAT FUR.
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I've made what seems to be the first PARODY VID for the Ikea Herding Cats commercial.

I'd love it if you gave it a watch - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKMroEyB9c8

Plz pass it on if it makes you lol... x


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