Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Stronger?

Isabella Blyth of Gorgie, Scotland turned 106 years old on Saturday. She looks much younger, and attributes her long and healthy life to the fact that she's never been romantically involved.
The plucky pensioner, who celebrates her birthday tomorrow, has no regrets about living a life of abstinence and in fact believes it has made her physically and mentally strong.

Miss Blyth's niece, Sheena Campbell, who visits her aunt a couple of times a week, said they would mark the day with a cake, champagne and a reminisce about the past.

She said: "Isa is an amazing character and you wouldn't believe she was 106.

"She says that she has never felt the need for a romance and has never had time for a man. She had a high-powered job as a private secretary with North British Distilleries, which meant she was always busy.

This reminds me of an old joke in which the punch line reads, "Why would you want to?" Link -via Arbroath

I must confess that I had a typo in the title when I first wrote it... it said "Abstinence Makes the Heat Grow Stronger?" and I thought, yes, it does, but that's not what I wanted to say here.
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Non native speaker here... what joke carries that punch line? If nsfw, give me a few keywords and I'll have Google answer this little mystery... Thanks!
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Man: Doc, will I live to be 100?

Doc: Let's see.... do you smoke? Drink? Gamble? Run with loose women?

Man: No, no, no, and no.

Doc: You might live be 100, but why would you want to?
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She missed out on a wonderful part of life by never experiencing true romance. Everybody that reaches 100 years old has their own thoughts on the reasons for their longevity, but never having been involved romantically has absolutely nothing to do with hers. It all comes down to genes. Lack of romance doesn't keep heart disease, cancer, alzheimers, kidney disease, diabetes, or any other illness or disease away from anyone. Living to 100 and beyond is pure chance. You can certainly die early from unhealthy choices but you won't get to 100 unless you've got the genes that will allow you to.
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The joke I heard goes like this:
People that eat right, get plenty of excercise, don't smoke, don't drink and lead a chaste life, really don't live longer than the rest of us, it just seems longer.
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You know, there ARE asexual people in the world. People who have never been close to one don't seem to believe that it's even possible to live that way and be happy.

Yeah, most of them are that way because of hormone deficiencies, but even so, they can live very fulfilling lives without the desire for romantic entanglement (from the story, the headline of "Resisting" romance seems rather misleading- I doubt she had to resist many urges for it). I'd wager that this lady has had very close friendships where she loved that person, even if it wasn't in a romantic way.
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Besides, she eats good food (none of this Japanese-live-past-100-because-of-tofu nonsense in her) and isn't afraid of alcohol...she has plenty of other indulgences besides sexual trysts :D
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@Riddy: I'm also non-native speaker, yet I think I can help you out here ;)

The title is a play on the saying "Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder" (Meaning, the time spent apart makes you care for a person even more).
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Not everyone has a desire or inclination to live life the way everyone else does. She seems content with her life, so I don't think people should judge her for not "truly living." It's not like I want to live like that but, meh, good for her.
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So she didn't have any romantic relationships - maybe it enabled her to live to 106, maybe it didn't - but if she's lived a long happy life of no regrets then who are we to judge? Some people are asexual after all. Kudos to Miss Blyth!
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For real, people can find happiness in almost everything. Nobody should ever tell her that she hasn't truly "lived" a day of her life. She found what she wanted to live for, and it just so happened that because of that, she lived longer.

If people think she's missing out on something, then take a step outside of yourself and think if you missed out on what it's like to have a carefree life being unrestrained from such desires.

Love can be a beautiful thing, but it's not the -only- path to happiness.
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Love (of family, friends) may not be the only path to happiness, but it's the best.

She was a secretary at a distillery. Sounds like a thrill a minute.
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You folks are mighty judgmental. I say congratulations to her: she's living a happy life the way she wants to, instead of listening to others. When you say she "hasn't lived," you seem to mean "she hasn't lived the way I think she should."
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Why is it that people assume that celibacy is some sort of torture?

Just because you CAN have sex, why does that mean you HAVE to have it? I've never understood that mentality.

Sexual promiscuity is not a boon to society, that's for sure.
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Why do people assume romance automatically involves sexual relations or promiscuity?

I maintain my previous comment that working as a secretary is hardly a thrilling replacement for love: "File this Isabella. I'll take my coffee with two sugars, Isabella. You're an asset to this company, Isabella."
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