"A Vision of Students Today"

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Prepared by students at Kansas State University, this short video summarizes "some of the most important characteristics of students today - how they learn, what they need to learn, their goals, hopes, dreams, what their lives will be like, and what kinds of changes they will experience in their lifetime."

The methodology is explained here, along with a textual summary of the contents.   Responses to the video on a variety of education-related websites range from praise and sympathy to disagreement and dismissal.

Via Libraryland, where there is also a response by faculty at the University of South Carolina.

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This seems like more of a ballad for lazy students than anything else.

I get that going to calculus isn't going to teach you about the plight of war torn countries, but you should have gone to the right class.

Granted, the educational system needs some changes, but not paying attention in class because you're facebooking is not a natural consequence of your prof not getting to know your name.
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Saw it and the response video and am concerned. The students are legitimately worried that the current education system, based as it is on a very old model, will not meet their needs, not right now and not those of their future.

The faculty response was basically that we will keep doing the same old things we have always done and hope it works for this generation.

I worry that the American education model is outdated and broken, and the most common answer seems to be to require more time and money, then act surprised when it really does not work.

I think the scariest part is that more and more, the students expect the teacher to work harder to teach, and the teachers expect the students to work harder to learn- and both are going to be disappointed.
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The one that talked about studying for a job and it not existing after graduation is exactly what happened to me.

Less than a year before graduation all the jobs in my location disappeared. Anything within my study had impossible requirements for a graduate.

So pretty much my entire education was worthless and I am stuck paying for it.

I would give anything to tear up my bachelors and associates degree for taking 90% of my debt away and pay for the final 10%. Next year I will not be able to pay the loans because I currently make more money than what is required to forbear the loans again.
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