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Beer Served in Dead Squirrels

British brewery BrewDog, noted for its quest to make the world's strongest beer, is now selling bottles of beer in the prepared bodies of dead squirrels and stoats. Because, you know, that's what people want. The product is called "The End of History", and is 55% alcohol:

The name derives from the famous work of philosopher Francis Fukuyama, this is to beer what democracy is to history. Fukuyama defined history as the evolution of the political system and traced this through the ages until we got the Western Democratic paradigm. For Fukuyama this was the end point of man’s political evolution and consequently the end of history. The beer is the last high abv beer we are going to brew, the end point of our research into how far the can push the boundaries of extreme brewing, the end of beer.

Link via CrunchGear | Photo: BrewDog

Looks like they are using grey squirrels, which are vermin killing off the native species in the UK. Regardless, this is something I would try. It's strangely intriguing, certainly original, and appeals to my sense of the macabre.
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Wow, a red-squirrel supremacist wants a grey squirrel coozie. That's the slippery slope to grey squirrel lampshades. I hope the British equivalent of Bob & Doug Mckenzie take it back to the brewery to scam a free case.
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Oh yes, squirrels are rats. They just happen to have bushy tails, making some people think they are cute. You would not think that if you had them chewing holes in your house, making filthy nests, eating your food, etc. Yes, squirrels do these things. Drink up!!
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Whether you like it or not, at least contribute something worth reading. I could really care less that you think its disgusting. Does it make you feel better knowing people in this world have read and are aware that you think drinking out of a dead squirrel is disgusting? Its obviously gross, but 55% abv beer sounds awesome.
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I had a horrible split-vision of aliens doing this to humans. And that might spawn the idea for a new short story.

Funny what a face does to our perception of a product.
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Its not as disgusting as it sounds. Its not like they are scooping roadkill up and stuffing a beer in it. A taxidermist prepares (cleans, chemically treats it). You are drinking the beer out of the bottle, the squirrel is just a really weird cozy.
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