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Inside a Birdhouse

(YouTube Link)

This cute video shows that there's a lot more inside a birdhouse than is evident from the outside. It's a commercial for squash juice. Squash juice? Yes. Apparently some people drink squash juice.

via The Presurfer

Squash is a generic term in the commonwealth countries for fruity drinks. None of them being actually based on the vegetable squash...
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Good grief. I'ts not "squash juice". "Squash" is just brit-speak for fruit juice. "Lemon squash". And when a brit has "marrow" for dinner, it's not out of a bone - it's squash.
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Seriously people, chill. Just because we haven't run across a term from another country doesn't mean we're totally self-centered Americans.No one knows everything (even our esteemed John Farrier). I'll bet there are a lot of American colloquialism's that seem strange to Europeans (and Africans and Asians and Australians.....)
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@ :15 TV turns on. I see a rock pigeon and hear a great horned owl.

Who produced this? City people know what a pigeon sounds like. Country people know what an owl sounds like. This must be alien propaganda.
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American living in the UK here. Squash seems to be sold warm, near the bottles of soda and other soft drinks. A wide variety of flavors are available, but HOLY COW do you need to water them down. I learned the hard way.

I do like the birdhouse ad. That's what I always assumed the inside of bird houses looked like, after all. They're not called "bird empty boxes," after all.
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Dear heaven - read the comments first people. Came in here to explain fruit juice concentrate and was happy to see it'd been done (nothing wrong with 'splaining either!). But no need to do it to DEATH.
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Harry Potter drinks Pumpkin Juice! That's a type of squash.

Seriously though, I was aware of the term squash for juice, but this is not commonly used in commonwealth countries. I live in a commonwealth country and most people I know wouldn't know this term.
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Loved the clock, too. It was interesting how it was a person in trees instead of a cuckoo in a house. That detail shows dedication.

And I didn't know people were so defensive of their squash juice. Maybe John should have done his research first. Where are the torches and piano wire?
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