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What Your Email Address Says About You

Matthew Inman of the webcomic The Oatmeal has some strong opinions about the computer competencies of users of different email providers. At the link, you can read his scathing criticism of Yahoo and AOL users.


As a long time user of Yahoo!, I'm simultaneously amused and abused. I have a gmail address, but it's not easy to tell everyone in your sphere to start emailing me there, and I find it a kind of hipster thing to do anyway. If it ain't broke...

Oh and I achieve zero inbox better with Yahoo. That is something I strive for.
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I agree with PNutts, as well as Johnny Cat.

I've used for the longest time, and according to this "list," I would fall into the category. |:
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heh heh, it's a minor chuckle. Though I know several exceptions, they're pretty much right...either way not his best work, but still made me smile
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Snobs are snobs whatever the topic. Wine snob, movie snob, book snob. If you aren't drinking, watching, reading or computing their way you're some kind of fool. They are the only one that is "in the know" about their chosen topic and everyone else is clueless. Every computer afficionado I know hates AOL which is what I use and I fit none of the profile the article implies.
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I think some people are taking this too seriously. I got a grin out of it, and I use 4 emails addresses, 2 of which I check regularly anywhere, and 1 for work. I use my hotmail the most when it comes to not caring what crap ends up in it, while my gmail is more for personal communication.
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I actually agree with the grand lot of these as far as generalizations go. Why would you use a subpar and many of these abusive services when all of them are free?

The only answer is "computer illiteracy". Even if it's not true, typically what you read here will likely represent what your future boss will be thinking before he decides to hire or not hire you. I know I would not hire IT sending messages with, it's a massive red flag for incompetency.
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But...but...I've just had my Yahoo email for so long...and I like my username. I want to keep it even though I can fix my own computer, avoid spyware and have my mail filters set to send any mail with "FWD" in the subject line straight to the trash folder. Come on. I'm smarrrrrrt...reeeeeeeeeally! *sniffle* :-(

(This fine post was brought to you by Snark-O-Matic Inc., producer of 100% pure sarcasm since 1971!)
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Like dooflotchie, I've had my yahoo e-mail for close to 6 years now. that's why I half-agree with the comic above, I have a yahoo account AND a g-mail account AND I'm a computer scientist in training. I still love the oatmeal though.
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I have an yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.
I use my yahoo because I have it for a long time.
I'm used to it and people know that this is my email address.
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I have them all and then some for various reasons but I stick with my AOL most of the time because I've had it since it was my only option forever ago. I have no need to change it now or get everyone to start emailing a new address
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Turns out the comments were more interesting than the actual post. Well well.

I have gmail, hotmail and yahoo and use them all and fall into none of the categories. Most people I know have at least 2 adds.
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when one uses any form of stereotyping(email addresses included) you can be sure that individual is either on his/her way or already is a bigot.................
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