101 Uses For An Unwanted Wedding Dress

Kevin Cotter was devasted when his wife of 12 years moved out last July. She packed up the car with all her possessions but she left one thing in her closet. "What do you want me to do with that?" he asked her.  "Whatever you #@$%# want," she replied, and left.

To help himself cope with the trauma of divorce, Cotter set up a website called "My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress" and decided to invent 101 uses for the dress.  So far he has documented 23 uses, including pasta strainer, skipping rope, barber smock, dog bed, camera lens cleaner, Christmas tree skirt, coffee filter and barbecue cover. Kevin demostrates its use as a dog toy, above.

He has asked for help from readers to think up more uses so he will reach his goal of 101. Cotter's website has attracted lots of fans and his ex-wife is not happy about his project.
"Nothing about divorce is pleasant or easy and I will share some of my experiences and at the same time lighten them up with some creative uses for this dress I was stuck with."

Link to story. Link to website.  -via Arbroath

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Marilyn Terrell.

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for those of you who keep saying he should have sold it you guys have never been there. I still have a wedding dress from 8 months ago when i was supposed to get married. i tried to sell it hell i even tried to give it away but because wedding dresses are so personal people dont like to buy them. I say good for him. I dont see it as him being bitter or anything, I actually will use some of his ideas!
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This is an action of someone wallowing in negativity and engaging in revenge. Any amount of him, or others, saying "he’s just having fun" doesn’t change that. When his actions show he really has dealt with a difficult life experience and can let go of anger then maybe he’ll be able to have a better relationship in the future.
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So the ex-wife asked for the dress back for her 9 year old daughter? Or did she just want to stop her ex-husband from having fun with something that should be making him miserable?

I like the beer under the Christmas tree. I'm sure his ex-wife would never have "allowed" him to do that when she was there.
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It isn't that interesting but it sounds like fun.
And it would make sense to read the statement on his blog. That he is not bitter, but wanted to deal with the remnant wedding dress in a humorous way.
I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Although--- wedding dresses are expensive, maybe there would have been a better use.
I would have made it into a glittery quilt.
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1) Make sappy story (get prop's from used cloth store, count on the Internet's obsession with "your life sucks" stories for marketing).
2) Put up cheesy website chock full of ad's
3) Profit!
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