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Wobbly Russian Bridge

(YouTube link)

Russian authorities shut down a seven-kilometer-long bridge over the Volga River in Volgograd last week after it started to wobble. Floodwaters loosened one support, which affected the stability of the entire bridge, which is the longest in Europe Russia. The video is reminiscent of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge just before it collapsed. The Volgograd bridge was completed less than a year ago. Link -via Arbroath

I don't know about this specific video, but these waves can be found on structurally unsafe bridges. Like they said, a support was loosened due to flood waters. I'm not an expert on bridges, but I would expect this more on a suspension bridge. Any one know?

I wonder what they guy walking was thinking?
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You can verify the story with legitimate news sources, people. Yes, it is indeed possible for a bridge to move this way.

And unless you know what the Volga River looks like the rest of the time, you couldn't have any idea whether the floodwaters look unusual or not.
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Yeah it has to be fake, how else could the curb become wide and narrow without some sort of shape shifting device? I would think that these guys that post stories on here would be a little more cautious about fake stuff.
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Okay, guys, not EVERYTHING on the internet is fake. Bridges are designed to be able to flex and bend, this is just an unsafe extreme. The "sponge-concrete" is meant to absorb this sort of motion. If you've ever been stopped in your car on a bridge when it's either windy or the other cars aren't stopped, you can feel it moving.
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You don't even bother to look which one the biggest bridge in Europe before put things out?
It's the Vasco Da Gama Bridge in Portugal with a total length of 17.2 km

Get real!
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It IS one of my university physics classes we watched the Tacoma Narrows bridge video and learned that the waves were due to the resonance of sound waves that had reflected off of the surrounding cliffs.
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total fakery, theres no sign of the mentioned "high winds" during the video. no sound, the hair of the person who walks across the bridge doesnt budge.

the sponge concrete that has already been mentioned is completely impossible. COMPLETELY.

this is nothing like the tacoma bridge because that was a suspension bridge not a simple beam bridge like this.
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