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The Spear of Longinus: The Dark Past of The Double Edged Sword

Spear of Destiny - The art and legend of the Lance of Longinus. Today, the history of the lance still remain a mystery and acquired great mystical power!

The spear is reputed to be the one that pierced Christ’s side as He hung upon the cross, Hitler discovered that there were at least three other “holy” spears in Europe at that time. One was in the Vatican. A second had been taken to Paris at the time of the Crusades. Another was to be found in a church in Cracow, Poland. But the Spear of Longinus, named after the Roman centurion who wielded it, had commanded most attention. The reason: attached to its handle is a nail reputedly used in the Crucifixion.

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by MrGhaz.

As amusing as the story behind it, it's a bunch of bunk. That's too ornate for a Roman guardsman's spear. I don't know why people keep needing to perpetuate the idea that Hitler came into power using magic powers. Just take a look at history, it's not the first time a psycho idiot got into power over a nation.
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Well Edward stole my thunder but to add to his comment
Ian Punnett talked about this with two guests on Coast-to-Coast AM last night.

(only 2 comments, I just knew I had it made. OOOps.)
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Not much real information in the linked story. Whoever wrote it probably threw a couple of sentences from Wikipedia together and added a few randon pictures. For example: what did a photo of the Attack Troop Carrier, USS Olmstead and the logo of CINC PacFleet have to do with the story?

Besides,the spear in question looks to be an eighth century AD boar hunting point.
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Dave H my thoughts exactly on the spear-type.

All 3 lances are not from the time of Jesus. This is just a same thing like all the nails that were from the cross of Jesus- If all those spears and nails would have been real, Jesus would have had more of the appearnce of Krishna with his multiple arms and hands and a whole squad of Roman soldiers would have stabbed him.

I never heared of any Biblical texts or apocryphical texts that tell such a story...
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In the 80s, Barry Sadler wrote many pulp novels based on this legend. The main character, Casca, was cursed by Jesus with immortality. So he wandered from war to war, fighting many battles and losing many friends but never dying.
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Christianity's key events occur in historical time. The gospels refer to an actual Judean king and real Roman emperors. This is different from many world religions, in which the key events occur in "illo tempore" (the other time). For example, Cain slew Abel in a time that is not in a calendar, not historical time.

That's why people keep looking for actual historical artifacts from the time of Jesus. Humans are very literal-minded, and have trouble seeing religious events in their real sense: as myths. As myths, they remain powerful, but they are not part of our ordinary material world.

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As a Christian, I really wish people would stop putting so much value in the material things that are associated with Jesus. It is idolization and distracts us from what Christ commanded us to do -- which is to love God with every fiber of our being, and then love our neighbor as ourselves.

How does this effort to acquire the Spear of Longinus make the world a better place? Is it going to feed the hungry? Is it going to care for those condemned by society?
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The spear of Longinus does exist. When anbody touched Jesus energy went out of him. The spear that touched his body has taken some of that energy out and can be used for good or bad, its in the good keeping of the free masons.
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I was was looking at the T.V. in a low light situation when a loud voice behind me said this is Satan. I shit myself jumpd up and said out loud, why do you call yourself Satan when I most of the time refer to you as lucifer there was no reply or any sign of anything.I did not sleep for two days
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